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A highly intelligent document management software system

Many companies are facing an urgent new reality that requires a flexible working environment. Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimising risk. 

The benefits speak for themselves..

Metadata Driven

Document Version Control

Increase Staff Efficiency

Process  Automation

Secure and Reliable

Access Control

Matthew Salmon

Beeson Accountants Ltd , Managing Director

"When the lockdown hit, there were still some manual processes and the lockdown forced us to accelerate the streamlining of those workflows and processes. If we hadn't had M-Files and the remote desktop server set up, it just wouldn't have worked. While we weren't planning for a pandemic, M-Files made it possible to continue working."

Paul Schulz

Daiken New Zealand , IT Manager

"At the outset, we had to work very hard to show that it was worth the time and effort to install M-Files. However, once users began to understand what M-Files could do for them, it became self-perpetuating. People wanted to use it."

What is Metadata?

Utilise the power of metadata to find, store, track and edit documents 

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M-Files connects to all your current tools:

Three M-Files uses that Sharp's clients love:

Enables digital transformation and process automation

M-Files mission is to profoundly improve how companies do business. Replace cumbersome paper based processes with an electronic platform that flexes, scales and easily adapts to workflows.

Easy to use highly configurable platform

M-Files' main strengths are its ability to be configured (customised) and that it enables endless relationships between information and document objects. Users will readily adopt systems that contain familiar terminology and emulate the current documents and processes.

Enables information visibility and single source of truth

M-Files metadata-driven system lets organisations set access permissions and track the different versions for all documents and objects in an M-Files vault. Rather than focus on where documents are stored, M-Files uses metadata to provide a richer way to store, organise, share and authorise access to content.

M-Files receives highest score in two use cases in updated Gartner Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms Report

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No more content chaos

Tired of looking for content in various repositories and systems? 

The M-Files solution is built on three pillars: it's metadata based, repository neutral, and intelligent. That means that you can find data based on what it is, not where it's stored. See information in context automatically, regardless of its system of origin. There is no need to worry about data migration - keep everything exactly where it is and access it instantly.

Support your whole business

Easy document management is a must for business efficiency. 

However, it's not enough to settle for improving the way you store and find documents and data. M-Files boosts office productivity in a unique way. Automate core business processes and workflows to ensure you never miss important deadlines or mandatory approvals.

Sharp is proud to be a Certified M-Files Delivery Partner.

This certification demonstrates our team's expert delivery of M-Files Solutions.
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M-Files can help accounting, business consulting and other professional service companies manage their documents and automate key business processes. 

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M-Files improves and simplifies the way your organisation can manage its contracts.  You can streamline and track contracts from draft to termination for full visibility.

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