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Highly intelligent documents management software system. 

Set your team up for success with a content management system that's as efficient and productive as they are. 

Many companies are facing an urgent new reality that requires a flexible working environment. Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimising risk.

Here's why M-Files stands 

out from the rest:

Metadata Driven

System Neutral

Intelligent Automation

Flexible Deployment 

Document Version Control 

Secure and Reliable

M-Files connects to all your current tools:

Three M-Files uses that Sharp's clients love:


Human resources management

HR Managers rave about Sharp and M-Files. We make sure sensitive HR files are secure, and easy to find.


Document version

Always have the latest version of every document, and revive an old document version any time. 


Enterprise content management 

Even the largest organisations can ditch content chaos with a reliable content management platform.

No more content chaos

Tired of looking for content in various repositories and systems? 

The M-Files solution is built on three pillars: it's metadata based, repository neutral, and intelligent. That means that you can find data based on what it is, not where it's stored. See information in context automatically, regardless of its system of origin. There is no need to worry about data migration - keep everything exactly where it is and access it instantly.

Support your whole business

Easy document management is a must for business efficiency. 

However, it's not enough to settle for improving the way you store and find documents and data. M-Files boosts office productivity in a unique way. Automate core business processes and workflows to ensure you never miss important deadlines or mandatory approvals.

Document management is just the beginning…

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Hi! I'm Shaun, the Northern Regional Sales Manager.

I'm excited that you've found us because we love helping Kiwi businesses flourish through automation, machine learning and system efficiencies. If you're ready to start an implementation process that will change your business for the better, please contact me using any of the details below.

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