Simply better and smarter home living

Keeping it fresh, keeping it smart. No one does home appliances like Sharp.

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Keeping it fresh, keeping it smart. No one does home appliances like Sharp.

We've been bringing Japanese ingenuity to New Zealand shores for decades, and Kiwi families know they can rely on our appliances to stand the test of time.  We have been around since the 1920's after all!

Whether it's for your home or organisation, we provide the solutions you're looking for. Our starting point is how our products and solutions will benefit peoples lifestyles and work-styles. It's not the technology that drives us, it is how the technology helps make life better for you and for everyone. 

There is only one Sharp. There is only one you. 'Be Original.'

Pure, Clean Air

Protect your loved ones by making sure the air they breathe in, is fresh, clean and pure, providing a healthier home.

Quick, Easy Meal Prep

Busy Kiwi families need appliances that keep them moving. Our microwave range has smart menus to make dinners easy.

Scientific or Pocket?

Even in the age of smart phones, the mighty calculator is still a valuable asset for many students. 

Always made with love and kiwi cooks in mind!

Smart, Reliable Microwaves

The midsize range of microwave ovens is wonderful for everyday use. The range is a great size for singles, couples and families alike and the additional features on selected models such as the Inverter and Sensor technology make preparing meals so quick and easy.

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Warm nights in?  Looking for a quick easy recipe?

Sharp microwaves have so much potential to do more than just reheat your leftovers and defrost meat for dinner. There are endless recipes you can create to impress your friends and family and save you time in the kitchen.

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Removes home and pet odors!

A Clean, Pure and Healthy Home

Built in with Sharp's patented Plasmacluster ion technology, our air purifiers ensure a clean, well balanced air flow which has been proven to be highly effective against airborne viruses, mould and odours.

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Handy help for solving complex math problems!

Get a Calculator you can count on

Our calculators predict it's going to be a great day!  Whether you need one for home, work or school, we have you covered with our range of calculators for all your scientific needs!

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