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Air Purification

Sharp’s range of Air Purifiers help to provide a quick and powerful cleansing effect for an entire room, by removing or deactivating a range of airborne allergens and other substances providing clean, safe air quality in the home for you and your family.

Asthma and allergy sufferers understand the importance of clean air. Animal dander, pollen and many other airborne contaminants cause and exacerbate allergies, particularly in the home. With more of our time spent indoors, reducing these substances from the air around us is important because they can impact upon our wellbeing. Sharp’s Air Purifiers use Plasmacluster technology to help inactivate harmful airborne substances and make our living environment cleaner and healthier

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A Product of Sharp

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

The air we breathe is a basic human necessity, playing a vital role in our health and general well-being. However in today's environment, unpolluted, fresh, clean air is scarce as pollutants such as microbes, germs and airborne viruses dominate, increasing the spread of flu and other viruses which make us feel ill and unwell.

Sharp's revolutionary air purifiers with 'Plasmacluster' technology ensures a clean, well balanced air flow which has been proven to be effective against suspending viruses and microbes that contaminate our air, leaving air cleaner and healthier

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A Product of Sharp

100 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Since the introduction of the first air purifiers equipped with Sharp's proprietary air purification technology in October 2000, Sharp has sold over 100 million units equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology worldwide.

A Product of Sharp


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