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As the most comprehensive and varied range ever, the Dynabook laptop lineup has the ideal device for everyone in your organisation. From ultra-mobile two-in-ones for those who are always on the move, to powerful workstations for desk-based workers, Dynabook work with you to find the right PC for every specialism. But selecting the right PC for each worker doesn't mean a headache in terms of manageability; with common software image, power options and docking across most models, we can make managing your fleet simple and efficient. 

Only Dynabook designs and manufactures its own laptops – right down to the BIOS software that runs under Windows. This allows us to offer you the best possible quality, far-reaching security options and innovative features to help your working day run smoothly.

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Greater Security, Higher Quality

Secured Data from Inside Out

Dynabook is the only laptop brand with our own Native System BIOS to enhance security which is best suited for your business-critical data protection. 

Our laptops also support face and fingerprint biometric recognition options and an integrated webcam privacy shutter for convenient advance security and added data protection. 

Dynabook is also among the most secure Windows PCs in the world, featuring a secure mix of hardware, firmware, software, and identity protection technologies.

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Security Concerns?

Get in touch with our team if you want to discuss your cybersecurity concerns, and talk about how our range of Sharp solutions can help protect your business today.

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Next-level hardware, software and identity protection

Dynabook has partnered with Microsoft to build the most secure Windows devices available today. The new class of Windows 10 Secured-core PCs are designed with deep integration between hardware and software, and feature the most advanced Intel® CPUs available to ensure resistance to current and future cyber-threats.

What is a Secured-Core PC?

A Secured-core PC is a secure, modern Windows 10 Pro device that comes with integrated hardware, software, and identity protection fully enabled out-of-the-box. Secured-core PCs are intended to handle mission-critical data and protect workers in some of the most data-sensitive industries, such as
healthcare providers handling medical records and other personally identifiable information (PII), high profile industries targeted for phishing and other attacks, and businesses that employ mobile workers who require access to business-critical information outside of the office.

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The Dynabook range is available from Sharp New Zealand as a business solution. For further information on availability and pricing, get in touch with our specialist Rob Fisher through the link below. 

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