Technology Transforming how Students Learn

The results are in—technology in learning helps both teachers and students get the best experience. Our reliable range of educational tools, as well as our leading service and support, frees educators to focus on what they do best—helping our future Kiwi leaders flourish.

Innovative Technology for Modern Learning Environments

Key to providing a space of productivity are solutions such as classroom screens that engage students, no matter their age group or subject matter. Interactivity with touchscreen capabilities, for example, is an excellent way of involving students in lessons, immersing them in the topic of the day and holding their attention.  

This is where our user-friendly technology and software solutions can help students and teachers develop their confidence in using smart classroom Touch and Collaboration Displays. Our Interactive Whiteboards allow teachers and students to deliver presentations and communicate information effortlessly in a fun and interactive way. Sharp’s interactive displays in the classroom offer a modern and collaborative approach to learning, helping teachers and students of all ages to thrive in their learning environment. 

We design our technology with the user experience in mind, so they can concentrate on their subject and the output they want to deliver confidently. As a result, more innovative tech in the classroom allows you to bring more of a communal feel to the lessons and can inspire even the most reluctant to come forward and give their worth to the class.  

Collaborative Learning

Jumpstart collaboration with fully immersive technology for all ages.

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Visual Displays

Unleash student potential through engaging visual solutions.

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Next Generation Printing

From exam papers to yearbooks and everything in-between.

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Smart Calculators

Jumpstart collaboration with fully immersive technology for all ages.

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Secure Visitor Management

Know who's on sight, and get added security for all your visitors.

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Dynabook Laptops

Equip the next generation with future-proof tools.

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Interactive learning changing the way you teach.

Interactive and Hands-on Learning

For the true digital natives, interactive whiteboards encourage a hands-on learning experience through sight, sound, and touch, transforming the way they absorb information. Share notes, lesson plans, and anecdotes seamlessly, record training for distance learners or absentees and enable multi-touch features to encourage collaboration in the classroom.  

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Giving visitors better experiences, visually.

Transform experiences through visual displays

Following the extensive redevelopment of Waitakere College's assembly hall, the leadership team determined that students, staff and visitors required a more substantial visual solution to ensure that the bigger space could be better utilised for events. Having a longstanding relationship with Sharp, the school's Head of Music & Performing Arts, Stephen Nightingale began the journey of installing two NEC video walls either side of the stage.  

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“Technology alone will not improve education, but it can be a powerful part of the solution.”

Printing, scanning and copying for schools

Built to perform in the most demanding environments, Sharp’s range of copiers and large-format printers are perfect for all jobs, from large runs of exam papers to yearbooks and everything in-between.

With intelligent features such as mobile printing from tablets and smartphones, multi-level security for confidential documentation, as well as powerful access control to keep printing costs down, we have the perfect, easy-to-use devices for your school.

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"Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational"

- George Couros

Calculating future potential.

Our calculations predict that today is going to be great. 

From colourful, simple-to-use models to scientific calculators, we’ve got students covered through every stage of their educational journey.

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NEC's biometric authentication to enhance customer experience and security. 

Facial Recognition Technology keeping Schools Secure

Biometrics is shaping the customer experience through laser-like personalisation. Set up alerts and processes for visitors and know who's on site instantly.

Unwieldy authentication measures once carried out by retail employees now happen instantly via powerful facial recognition technology, smoothing out and speeding up the customer journey.

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Robust security and observability outside the school firewall.

Building Tomorrow's Future Today with Dynabook

Dynabook laptops were the first to be used in schools across Australia and New Zealand. Since then, Dynabook has continuously developed even better products and have delivered over 100,000 mobile computers into the hands of students and staff to enhance teaching and learning.

Learners need reliable, durable laptops that minimise downtime, maximise productivity and ideally, prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Dynabook’s education range delivers devices to suit every school and students from Year 5 to Year 12.

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