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Visitor Management has a new face.

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Save staff time with a visitor management system built

for speed, safety and security.

The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is a visitor sign in system that combines NEC's world-leading facial recognition technology with fully configurable, COVID-19 compliant hardware for safer and more secure visitor registration. 

Why use a digital visitor management tool?


Integrated UV-C screen sanitising technology cleans the screen 20 seconds after use - ensuring the touchscreen is free of germs.


Once registered, the Sharp Welcome Kiosk will remember any guests, visitors or staff and sign them in using facial recognition technology. 



Get a clearer picture of who visits your site with the advanced reporting features of the Sharp Welcome Kiosk. See visitor information including names, times and who they came to see with ease.


Represent your brand and wow your guests with the Welcome Kiosk's customisable avatar. Language options let you welcome guests in any language, and add your logo and branding to the kiosk stand for a more personal experience.


The integrated label printer is  ideal for organisations that require visitors to print tickets, name tags, or personal identification badges. Scan QR codes to quickly identify contractors or grant access permissions.


Say goodbye to time consuming site induction processes and let the Sharp Welcome Kiosk do it for you. Welcome visitors or contractors with video playback and onboarding features to automate your health and safety process.

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Let's face it... 

Facial recognition technology enables visitors to do away with cumbersome credentials and forgotten passwords. New visitors can enrol quickly and easily while returning guests will be recognised and registered instantly. 

NEC's NeoFace facial recognition technology has been independantly recognised as the fastest and most accurate on the global market.

Reduce waiting times and improve your visitor experience today. 

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Automating your visitor registration process allows greater flexibility for front desk staff.

No More Queues

Centralised matching means visitors who are registered can sign in on multiple kiosks in different locations.

Enhanced Security

Biometrics are hard to steal or forge, so you can rest easy knowing that all visits recorded are done so securely. 

Language Customisation

Welcome guests with language options that include Te Reo for visitor satisfaction and improved customer service.

A Product of Sharp

Unrivaled privacy

Biometrics are much safer than traditional authentication methods. Your voice, fingerprint and face are much harder to steal than a password or pin number. The optional liveness feature provides another level of security by ensuring still images cannot be used to fool the system. 

The Sharp Welcome Kiosk combines world-leading technology with a charming, intuitive user interface and advanced features.

A Product of Sharp

  • Infrared Temperature Sensor
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Video Playback
  • Visitor Registration
  • Access Control
  • UV-C Screen Sanitiser
  • Customisable Welcome Message / Video
  • Visitor Label Printing
  • Reporting and Usage Statistics
  • Arrival Notification

A Product of Sharp

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Not a fan of forms? Get in touch with Rob Fisher, National Sales Manager - Visual Solutions. 

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Rob Fisher

National Sales Manager - Visual Solutions

Email: rfisher@sharp.net.nz

Phone: 09 920 4159

Mobile: 021 630 177

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-fisher-0561b740/

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