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7 Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Explore the benefits of a visitor management system and learn how to tell if your business needs a Sharp Welcome Kiosk.

                            In today's fast-paced business world, visitor management technology has transformed from a luxury to an essential tool. It has become the gold standard for organisations of all sizes and industries, delivering a sophisticated and professional image while simplifying administrative tasks.

                            A Visitor Management System, also known as VMS, empowers you to effortlessly track and monitor every individual who enters your building or office. Whether it's a valued customer, a delivery person, a potential employee, a contractor, a consultant, or a friend of a colleague, the VMS ensures that you have full visibility and control over who occupies your workspace.

                            In this blog, we will explore the benefits of implementing a Visitor Management System (VMS) and how you can determine if your business could benefit from the Sharp Welcome Kiosk.


                            What are the benefits of a visitor management system?

                            Managing a workplace can be a challenging and time-consuming task. When relying on manual methods, overseeing visitors can become a significant time commitment for your team. Thankfully, by implementing the right tools and processes, your team can save time, work more efficiently, and ensure that your visitors have an exceptional experience in your workplace. In the following sections, we explore the seven key advantages of utilising a VMS.

                            1.  Enhancing the visitor experience
                            2. Improve workplace health and safety through Contact-less sign in
                            3. Gain cost efficiency by reducing administrative tasks
                            4. Streamline induction processes
                            5. Prioritise the safety of your staff
                            6. Assist during emergencies
                            7. Meet workplace compliance requirements

                            What makes the Sharp Welcome Kiosk unique?

                            Sharp's visitor management system - Welcome Kiosk - combines innovative technology with an elegant and user-friendly interface, delivering advanced features that prioritize safety and security. By integrating NEC's world-leading facial recognition technology with specialised hardware, our Kiosk ensures a safer and more secure visitor registration process.  

                            This highly adaptable solution offers additional features such as personalised greetings for pre-registered or returning visitors, label printing, sending SMS and email notifications to hosts, and facilitating on-site induction training. Organisations also benefit from streamlined customer interactions, optimised staff efficiency, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. High level encryption and digital template technology ensures privacy is maintained to the highest standards. 


                            Enhances visitor experience:

                            A VMS can help your organisation impress guests before they even walk through your doors. Send visitors an invitation for pre-registration and site induction. Rather than using pen and paper, you can welcome your guests with a sleek, digital sign-in process that shows off your brand.

                            Beyond that, you can represent your brand and impress your visitors with our Kiosk's customisable avatar. Written language options let you welcome guests in any language and add your logo and branding to the Kiosk stand for a more personal experience and create a better sense of connection for your visitor.

                            With an additional audio feature, the Kiosk will verbally communicate with your visitor and make their experience one to remember.

                              Improve workplace health and safety through contactless sign-in: 

                              In a world where contact tracing and infection control became paramount, contactless VMS sign-in was no longer a luxury, but became a health and safety requirement. From just a simple scan of a QR code using any QR scanner, your visitors could conveniently provide their details through an electronic form at the entrance of your building. The Sharp Welcome kiosk also includes automatic UV screen sanitisation for the safest VMS experience available.

                              Gain efficiency by reducing administrative tasks: 

                              A VMS is essential for boosting efficiency in any growing business. By streamlining and accelerating the visitor registration process, you can significantly reduce visitor processing costs over time.

                              With the convenience of our self-service Kiosk, visitors can easily sign in at reception, freeing up your receptionist to focus on other important tasks. Plus, the Kiosk eliminates the hassle of tracking down someone's host by automatically sending them a notification via SMS and/or email. These small changes can have a positive and impactful effect on the overall visitor experience at your business.

                              Streamline induction processes:

                              Say goodbye to time consuming site induction processes and let the Kiosk do it for you. With the Kiosk, you can welcome visitors or contractors with video playback and onboarding features to automate your health and safety process.

                              The sign in process should integrate with a comprehensive induction that is completed before they arrive on site. Inductions are more than just a quick slideshow of emergency procedures, they can cover extensive health and safety requirements covering vital information, and ensuring organisational compliance.

                              Prioritise the safety of your staff:

                              A VMS is an essential tool to maintain the security of your workplace and retain valuable visitor information. Unlike traditional logbooks, a VMS not only ensures the safety of your staff and premises but also offers touchless sign-ins, emergency evacuation assistance, visitor screening, and visitor data protection.

                              Sharp's Kiosk technology incorporates NEC's Biometric facial recognition software, which has been widely acknowledged as the fastest and most accurate in the global market, used at various international airports for immigration procedures. With facial recognition technology, visitors receive a more personalised greeting, and eliminates the need for remembering returning visitor sign in details. Whether they are new visitors or returning guests, enrolment and registration can be done quickly and effortlessly. The use of biometrics ensures that all recorded visits are secure, providing you with peace of mind.

                              Assist during emergencies:

                              Say goodbye to your old clipboard and paper! With a VMS, you can ensure that every person onsite is accounted for, prioritising the health and safety of both visitors and employees. Additionally, it empowers you to provide accurate data to your executive team, including names, arrival times, and their visit host. This enables your team to have a more concise understanding of who has entered the workplace and how many people are present at any given time.

                              Meet workplace compliance requirements: 

                              A VMS will allow you to digitally maintain detailed visitor records. You can view these records on a local or regional level, and easily export them when you want to dive deeper. On top of that, a VMS can help you safeguard visitor information by enabling you to control which admins can view and manage your visitor data.

                              How to tell if your business needs a visitor management system

                              A VMS offers advantages to organisations of all sizes and industries. Even small workplaces with simple visitor requirements can benefit from implementing a VMS. However, if your organisation is larger or has more intricate safety, security, and compliance needs, it is essential to invest in a visitor management solution.

                              Still unsure? Here are a few signs your organisation needs a VMS:

                              • The front desk team still uses pen and paper to sign guests in
                              • Your visitor registration process is different at each location
                              • Your visitor volume has increased or feels cumbersome to manage
                              • Your organisation wants to improve the visitor welcome experience
                              • Your organisation has complex safety, security, and compliance needs
                              • Your organisation wants to collect more accurate workplace occupancy data

                              If any one of the statements above is true for your company, chances are it’s time to invest in visitor management. Find out more about Sharp’s Welcome Kiosk, or contact us to book a demo today.

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