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Protect your business data and avoid network downtime with Sharp's next generation cybersecurity and managed WAN services.

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Safe, secure and clean connectivity

Sharp is a technology innovator, providing the latest high speed internet and cybersecurity services. Our customers are on-boarded by a dedicated project team, supported by New Zealand-based customer service and dedicated Account Management.

Sharp manages a business-only network across a supplier agnostic fibre backbone, which forms one of the largest telecommunications networks in the country. Sharp customers can benefit from locally supported next-generation voice, data and network security technologies.


Next Generation Firewall

Organisations require firewall protection beyond the capabilities of traditional firewalls. Sharp's network security is built to detect and deter threats before they get inside. Protect your users from malware, spyware, and malicious content.


DDoS Protection

Using the latest Radware technology, Sharp customers benefit from international DDoS scrubbing, monitoring all international internet traffic entering your network.


Managed WAN

Enjoy peace of mind with one managed network across your entire organisation and centralised management of data across multiple locations. 

Why choose our network?

Our network forms a comprehensive national and international offering that is focused on delivering path diversity, high availability and maximum network uptime for our customers. The availability of our network is further enhanced through interconnectivity of a multi-carrier fibre backbone from Feenix, Spark, One NZ, Chorus, and Kordia.

We are a global, leading-edge, business technology company owned by a fortune 500 parent that sits at the forefront of new technology innovation. We have invested heavily in building an 8K + 5G Ecosystem and AIoT World to help New Zealand businesses create smart offices of the future. 


UFB Connect

Sharp integrates with all major network providers including Chorus, TFF, Vector, Enable, Spark, Vital, Unison, Network Tasman and Northpower. 


Cloud Connection

Seamlessly interconnect your Cloud environment through the extended reach of Sharp's Network. Sharp offers high speed symmetrical internet services to some of the world’s largest Public Cloud environments.

AWS Direct Connect

Increase bandwidth throughout and provide a more consistent network experience than internet-based connections. Create and ensure resilient scenarios for a range of differentiated workloads. 


Azure ExpressRoute

ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a private connection via Sharp's managed network services. 

A Product of Sharp

Benefits of Sharp's managed WAN

  • Multi-carrier fibre infrastructure
  • 24 / 7 network operation centre
  • Integrated with all major network providers including Chorus, UFF, Vector, Enable, Spark, Vital, Unison, Network Tasman and Northpower
  • Dual sites at all geographical nodes
  • Radware security platform providing state of the art DDoS mitigation
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Frequently asked questions

What is managed WAN?

WAN stands for ‘Wide Area Network’. This type of network is typically used by businesses and organizations to connect multiple locations together over a single private network, improving speed, security and monitoring capabilities.  

A WAN may be used to securely connect multiple offices to a central server(s) at Head Office, or, more commonly in today’s world, to securely connect multiple branches to private or public Cloud applications with improved network speeds.  

As a Sharp WAN customer, you will benefit from an interconnected upstream network of tier 1 partners in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, offering high speed symmetrical Internet services and dedicated connectivity to some of the world’s largest public cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS) and Oracle.