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Elevating Business Security with the Sharp Welcome Kiosk and NEC's Facial Recognition Technology

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, security and efficiency have become paramount concerns for organisations of all sizes as they adapt to the post-pandemic world, the need for contactless solutions has grown exponentially. 

This is where the Sharp Welcome Kiosk comes in. A revolutionary solution powered by NEC's innovative facial recognition technology. This innovative pairing, coupled with the kiosk’s technology features is reshaping the way organisations operate by enhancing security, streamlining access, and redefining visitor management processes.

Facial Recognition: The New Standard in Security

Facial recognition technology has emerged as a practical and popular choice for organisations seeking to strengthen their security measures. Unlike traditional access methods that rely on physical badges or PINs, facial recognition offers a seamless and secure way to verify identities. NEC's advanced technology ensures unparalleled accuracy, even in varying lighting conditions and angles, making it an ideal solution for diverse business environments.

If you have ever unlocked your phone using facial recognition or had your photo taken at an airport immigration counter, you have already experienced the convenience and efficiency of facial recognition technology. It offers a fast, accurate, and contactless solution to address current security concerns.

Key Benefits of the Sharp Welcome Kiosk

Enhanced Security and Efficiency: 

By leveraging facial recognition technology, organisations can swiftly and accurately verify the identities of employees and visitors. This eliminates the need for traditional name tags or ID cards, offering superior security and efficiency. Manual ID checks by staff members become obsolete, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for everyone.

While concerns about facial recognition technology's security may exist, organisations are increasingly adopting it to streamline access and authorisation. When used responsibly and safely, facial recognition proves to be much more secure than traditional authentication methods like PIN numbers and passwords, which can be compromised easily (however the kiosk can also be configured to cater for other login methods if individuals choose not to use facial recognition technology).

Door Access control: 

For an additional level of security, the kiosk can be configured to integrate with existing door control systems, therefore allowing physical access to authorised individuals only once a successful kiosk login is completed. *1 

Improved Staff and Visitor Visibility: 

Facial recognition can be utilised for various security purposes, such as registering new staff, guests, or contractors and granting them access during subsequent visits. It allows you to track clock-in and clock-out times of employees, monitor visitor arrivals and departures, and even notify staff when specific guests arrive. With facial recognition, organisations can enhance staff and visitor visibility, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

Contactless Access: 

The kiosk's facial recognition technology expedites the check-in process for visitors. As hygiene concerns persist, contactless access has become a top priority. The touchless interface aligns with this demand, reducing physical touchpoints and limiting the spread of germs. Gone are the days of manual registration and visitor logs; the kiosk streamlines the entire process, saving time for both guests and staff.

Real-time Monitoring:

Offering real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, providing organisations with valuable insights into visitor traffic patterns and peak hours. This data enables better resource allocation and planning.

Customisable and User-Friendly: 

The kiosk's user interface is highly customisable, allowing organisations to align it with their brand identity. Additionally, the intuitive interface requires minimal training, ensuring a smooth adoption process for both employees and visitors.

Customisable workflow: 

The login process can be fully customised depending on the visitor type. From a simple sign in for staff, through to a comprehensive health and safety briefing for contractors, the kiosk has the ability to gather and present information as required by your organisation. 

Reshaping Business Operations

The implementation of the Sharp Welcome Kiosk powered by NEC's facial recognition technology is more than just a security upgrade—it is a transformative step toward more efficient and secure business operations. The streamlined access and visitor management processes free up valuable time for staff, enabling them to focus on core tasks. Meanwhile, the heightened security measures foster a sense of trust among employees and visitors alike.

 In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting priorities, organisations are embracing innovative solutions to ensure their operations remain secure and efficient.

Our Welcome Kiosk, stands at the forefront of this transformation. By offering enhanced security, contactless access, and streamlined visitor management is reshaping the way organisations manage their visitor experiences. Whether organisations are looking for a more efficient way to admit guests or would like to offer their visitors the option to enrol themselves and print labels or tickets directly, our Welcome Kiosk is the answer to business needs by providing cutting-edge facial recognition technology that enhances security, efficiency, and improves the overall visitor experience.

*1 – requires compatible door control system and development costs may apply.

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