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Sharp Announces Partnership with Umango

Shaun Taylor - National Sales Manager and Marcellus Ramakers – General Manager Marketing at Sharp NZ.

Sharp NZ is thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with Umango, a renowned leader in document scanning, file conversion and imaging software.

With Umango's cutting-edge technology, businesses can now enjoy enhanced flexibility and efficiency in various document processes, including scanning, naming, indexing, converting, and storage. This strategic partnership empowers our valued customers to overcome their business challenges by effortlessly transforming large volumes of documents into accessible and usable data.

Umango seamlessly integrates with popular products like Microsoft SharePoint, M-Files, Papercut, and a wide range of other solutions, providing a robust platform to meet all your document imaging needs. The remarkable speed and accuracy of Umango's document processing capabilities enable businesses to access information swiftly and easily. The user-friendly installation, configuration, and usage also make implementation projects quick and hassle-free.  

Whether you're using supported MFDs, browsers, tablets, or mobile devices, Umango allows you to profile documents effortlessly. Once captured, the data and documents can be efficiently routed to various back-office products, databases, network folders, or the cloud. With advanced data capture tools, including zonal OCR, regular expressions, OMR, barcode scanning, data lookups, AI-powered field identification, key extraction from images, and constrained lists, businesses can streamline their document processing and achieve optimal efficiency. Additionally, Umango offers a range of standard features such as image enhancements, flexible document separation options, automation processing, and scalability.

"We view this partnership as a strategic expansion of our technology solutions portfolio, enabling us to deliver even greater value to countless Kiwi businesses nationwide." - Marcellus Ramakers, General Manager Marketing.


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