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Enhance Your Business' Printing Capabilities

"Sharp’s groundbreaking OKI label printer has completely transformed our printing process, enabling us to provide a label printing solution to customers whom we had previously been unable to accommodate."

- Valued Sharp Customer

Are you a print manufacturer looking to expand your print solutions to better serve your clients? Or perhaps you are a food/beverage manufacturer in need of an in-house label printing solution? Sharp offers a flexible and efficient solution that can cater to any creative design on a variety of materials, including textured papers and synthetics. By implementing this product, your business can tap into new revenue streams by bringing this service in-house, saving both time and money.

Elevating the Art of Label Printing

Introducing Sharp’s OKI Pro1040/1050 Label Printer, a revolutionary device that takes label printing to new heights. With its cutting-edge digital LED technology, this printer offers magnificent four/five colour narrow-format printing on a wide range of label materials, including textured papers and synthetics. Experience vibrant colours and flawless output with its extraordinary 1200 dpi resolution.

Whether it's for food, beverages, household goods, or any other product, the OKI Label Printer is the perfect tool for creating a distinctive brand identity. From eye-catching outdoor labels to durable freezer and cold-storage labels, or even beautifully designed labels for everyday pantry items, this versatile printer delivers outstanding results for all types of printed labels. You can trust that your labels will always look professional and visually appealing.

What sets the OKI Label Printer apart is its user-friendly interface and minimal training requirements. With its intuitive design and flexible configuration options, your business can effortlessly achieve fast in-house label printing in any desired quantity. No need to rely on external printing services or wait for long turnaround times. With this printer, you have full control over your label production, saving you time and money.

Sharp is Dedicated to Delivering Continuous Assistance and Training

But our support doesn't stop at the printer itself. As a part of Sharp's comprehensive offering, we provide our valued customers with hands-on support and thorough training. Our experienced team is ready to guide your business in effectively operating the printer and showcasing its impressive functionality. We understand the importance of a seamless implementation process, and we are committed to ensuring that your transition to the OKI Label Printer is smooth and hassle-free.

Furthermore, we offer ongoing training sessions to keep your team up to date with the latest features and printing techniques. Our goal is to empower your team to make the most out of this powerful label printer and meet all your printing requirements with ease. You can rely on us to be there for you every step of the way, providing the support and expertise you need to maximise the potential of the OKI Label Printer.

"We are constantly exploring the extensive capabilities of the OKI Label Printer and conducting trials to discover new options to delight our customers. Without a doubt, we have encountered absolutely no issues, thanks to the exceptional assistance provided by the dedicated team at Sharp. They have empowered us to confidently utilise the product and have offered us continuous support." – Valued Sharp customer.

Sharp Customers are Seeing the Benefits Firsthand

Sharp customers in the printing industry have reaped the rewards of the OKI Label Printer, enabling them to provide their customers with an unrivalled solution for efficient label printing. By harnessing the power of the OKI Label Printer, businesses can now cater to a wider range of clients, including those they were previously unable to serve.

The printer's exceptional features have not only elevated overall customer satisfaction but have also provided businesses with newfound flexibility in terms of design. They no longer have to make tedious modifications to their designs, as the printer's adaptability enables them to meet their customers' exact requirements effortlessly. Moreover, the inclusion of the virgo cutter feature has opened up a world of possibilities for label cutting, granting businesses the ability to offer their customers an extensive range of options. With the OKI Label Printer, businesses can confidently provide efficient and customized label printing solutions, making them stand out in the competitive printing industry.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your label printing capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about how the OKI Label Printer can transform your business and help you create stunning, high-quality labels that make a lasting impression.

If you happen to be in Auckland, make sure to visit us at stand #3175 for a live demonstration at Foodtech Packtech from September 19 to 21. Discover the incredible capabilities of the OKI Pro 1040/1050 Label Printer firsthand.

"The OKI Label Printer has completely revolutionised our label production process, resulting in enhanced efficiencies and remarkably faster turnaround times for our valued customers, all while delivering an exceptional level of service." – Valued Sharp customer.

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