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Transforming Waitakere College's assembly hall with Sharp's video walls

"The assembly hall is the soul of the school, so making sure it had a really good connection with people was really important."

Mark Shanahan, Principal

Waitakere College, located in Henderson, Auckland, provides secondary education to over 1,500 students from Year 9 to Year 13. This year, the school assembly hall was extended by over 10 meters, and additional seating was added to the rear of the hall to accommodate a bigger audience. Before the redevelopment project, the assembly hall had two 70" Sharp Aquos LC70LE735x panels either side of the stage. 

Following the extensive redevelopment of Waitakere College's assembly hall, the leadership team determined that students, staff and visitors required a more substantial visual solution to ensure that the bigger space could be better utilised for events. Having a longstanding relationship with Sharp, the school's Head of Music & Performing Arts, Stephen Nightingale began the journey of installing two NEC video walls either side of the stage.  

The decision was made to redeploy the two LC70LE735x panels to the rear of the hall, and install two video walls at the side of the stage. Setting the benchmark for video wall technology are the NEC 552 MultiSync 55"displays - featuring a bezel of only 3.5mm and a combined dimension of 2426 x 1368mm. Installed by SKOPIK, the video walls are mounted on Chief video wall pull out brackets.

Students and visitors are now able to see what is happening on stage in real time across four different Sharp displays in the auditorium. The school is also able to project footage, presentations and information across all displays simultaneously from either a resident PC or BYOD, or project live feed of the school events or productions to audience members as and when needed.

"The video walls are used intensively and are a great visual and communication tool for our students." 

Stephen Nightingale, Head of Music & Performing Arts

Check out the video below