Effortless Clean Comfort with Air Purification

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

In today's environment clean air is a scarcity. Pollutants such as microbes, germs and airborne viruses dominate the environment. This increases the spread of viruses such as the flu which make us unwell. 

Sharp's revolutionary Plasmacluster technology was created to help us breathe a little easier. Backed by science, it has been proven to be effective in suspending viruses and microbes that contaminate our air, leaving it cleaner and healthier.  

A major breakthrough in air quality

Sharp is the world's leading air purifier brand, having surpassed over 100 million units sold worldwide.

What is Plasmacluster Ion Technology? 

It's an original Sharp sanitising technology that purifies the air by emitting positive and negative ions. Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology deactivates suspended airborne mould, viruses, dust mite allergens and bacteria. It also attacks a wide range of odours including pet , cooking, rubbish and cigarette smoke.

Freshens the air with negative ions

Using negative ions, Sharp Air Purifiers and Ion Generators help to clean and refresh the air. Sharp's range of Air Purifiers and Ion Generators release negative ions creating a "feel good" atmosphere similar to natural environments such as a rainforest or a waterfall.

Neutralises odour-causing molecules with positive and negative ions

Plasmacluster Ion technology helps reduce the source of a wide range of unpleasant household odours including cooking, pets, rubbish and cigarette smoke

Reduces suspended allergens and floating mould spores with positive and negative ions

Plasmacluster Ions are helpful in deactivating allergens caused by dust mites, as well as deactivating mould spores that can cause mildew in your home. Sharp Air Purifiers and Ion Generators help to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Press Release: Plasmacluster's effect on relieving asthma symptoms

Reduces suspended viruses with positive and negative ions

Plasmacluster Ions break down and remove projecting spike-shaped proteins of suspended viruses such as influenza, reducing their effectiveness.

Press Release: Plasmacluster's effect on reducing Novel Coronavirus

A Product of Sharp


PCI on Sharp Refrigerators 

Incorporating Sharp's one of a kind Plasmacluster technology in our refrigerators helps keep food fresh longer by releasing positive and negative ions. 

This unique feature also assists in reducing the potency of airborne substances such as bacteria, mould spores and helps eliminate odours as well.  

A Product of Sharp

PCI on Sharp Air Purifiers

Sharp’s range of Air Purifiers help to provide a quick and powerful cleansing effect for an entire room, by removing or deactivating a range of airborne allergens and other substances providing clean, safe air quality in the home for you and your family.

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