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New Zealand Businesses Embrace Software Solutions

The economic landscape in New Zealand, much like other countries worldwide, has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years.  

From the impact of global events to shifts in consumer behaviour, businesses have been prompted to find innovative ways to thrive in this changing environment.

In this article, we will explore the current economic climate in New Zealand and its significant implications for local businesses. Additionally, we will delve into how companies are increasingly turning to software solutions, such as eInvoicing, document management, print management, accounts automation and data capture, to reduce expenses, streamline operations, and increase productivity.

Understanding the Current Economic Climate

New Zealand has encountered its fair share of economic obstacles, as the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting consumer preferences, and global market volatility have all contributed to a sense of uncertainty.  The scarcity of adequately trained professionals is also a significant concern, adding to the pressure experienced by current employees who are burdened with multiple responsibilities. This shortage of skilled workers not only puts a strain on the existing workforce but also poses a threat to the quality of service provided by organisations to their customers. As businesses navigate the challenges of a limited labour pool and a growing demand for their services, the risk of compromised service standards becomes increasingly prominent. Employees are often overwhelmed, juggling multiple tasks, and struggling to maintain high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Consequently, businesses across various sectors have been diligently searching for innovative strategies to adapt and triumph over these challenges. In a recent survey by Sharp, an astounding 80% of its customers revealed their active pursuit of cost-saving opportunities for their businesses. This revelation comes as no surprise, given the challenging economic climate that has forced many businesses to tighten their financial belts in the face of soaring operating costs. These circumstances have necessitated a closer examination of operational efficiencies and cost reduction strategies.

Implementing Software Solutions

To meet the demand for cost-effective and streamlined operations, businesses in New Zealand are increasingly embracing the power of software solutions. As revealed by the Sharp survey, a significant 54% of its customers are eagerly seeking to integrate innovative software solutions into their daily operations. This trend highlights the growing awareness among business owners and decision-makers of the transformative benefits that software solutions bring, enabling them to modernise and optimise their processes.

Here are some key areas where software solutions are making an impact:


Invoicing is a crucial aspect of every business, and embracing electronic invoicing not only reduces paper waste but also enhances the efficiency of the payment process. It enables companies to receive payments more rapidly and minimises the occurrence of invoicing errors.

Document Management:

Efficient document management is crucial for enhancing productivity. With document management software, businesses can streamline their organisation, effortlessly search for, and retrieve documents, and significantly reduce the time spent on searching for vital information.

Print Management:

Printing costs can quickly accumulate, but with the help of print management software, companies can effectively monitor and manage their printing expenses while also minimising waste. This not only saves costs but also contributes to a more environmentally conscious approach.

Accounts Automation:

By automating the processes of accounts payable and receivable, businesses can unlock valuable time and cost savings. Accounts automation software is capable of effortlessly handling mundane accounting tasks, reducing the risk of human errors, and enhancing the precision of financial data.

Data Capture:

Data is a valuable resource, but the process of manually capturing and inputting data can be both time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes. Fortunately, with the assistance of data capture software, you can effortlessly extract and convert information from a multitude of sources, enhancing data precision and increasing accessibility.


The Primary Goals: Reducing Expenses and Increasing Productivity

According to the Sharp survey findings, a staggering 64% of its customers are actively seeking software solutions to optimise business expenses. This aligns perfectly with the current economic landscape, where businesses are under immense pressure to operate with maximum cost-effectiveness.

By harnessing the power of software solutions, businesses can not only reduce operational costs but also turbocharge productivity. Streamlined and automated processes empower employees to focus on high-value tasks, resulting in enhanced efficiency across the board and ultimately driving business growth.

As the economic landscape in New Zealand presents its own set of challenges, businesses across the country are finding innovative ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. According to Sharp's recent survey, an increasing number of businesses are recognising the potential of software solutions to achieve their financial and operational objectives.

In these uncertain times, New Zealand businesses that embrace software solutions for eInvoicing, document management, print management, accounts automation, and data capture will not only survive but thrive in this ever-changing environment. By focusing on reducing expenses and increasing productivity, software solutions have become the key to success for businesses facing the challenges of today.

It's an exciting time for businesses to innovate and adapt, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to discover the incredible ways in which Sharp's software solutions can enhance your business.

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