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Turn documents, databases and forms into actionable information

PSIcapture does more than just convert documents from paper to digital, with advanced features that capture and extract data so you can maximise efficiency and free up staff time.



High speed, high accuracy capture ingests virtually any document from any source, including high-speed scanners, MFPs, watched folders and email inboxes.



Extract the data you need and identify documents by type, using powerful automation tools that won't slow your production down. 



Migrate or publish to many different document management, line of business, or ECM systems through either load files or direct connection.

Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely versatile,  document capture solution!

Work the way you want, when you want

PSIcapture can route information to more than 60 ECM systems. Whatever size your organisation is, from start-up to enterprise, PSIcapture streamlines the document scanning and import process, data extraction and migration of that data to maximise efficiency.

Discover PSIcapture today

Dealing with data, so you don't have to.

No more painstaking data extraction or manual data entry. This is about more than just converting documents from paper to digital, it's about turning your data into useful information without spending the time doing it yourself.   Think about it, automating data extraction frees up staff time to spend on the tasks that count.

Better Processes

PSIcapture can fully automate the capturing and extraction of data from any number of sources, from emails, digital documents to PDFs and forms. Feed the data to your ERP, accounting or document management system with easy and flexible integrations.

Better Decisions

No more information silos with easily shareable, accessible, searchable documents and data. Having actionable data at your fingertips increases productivity and improves your workflow.

Why choose PSIcapture?


Processor Balancing for    OCR

PSIcapture can utilise 4, 8, 12 or 16 core processors to increase power. OCR processing increases depending on how many processors are being used.


Accelerated Classification Engine

ACE allows users to build classification rules in the middle of a workflow. Import documents and verify the automatic classification it's completed during the workflow, rather than configuring rules prior.


Reduce cost - increase productivity

ACE accesses existing sets of indexed information, finds their location on the form and extracts the data, reducing processes that once took hours to under a minute. Time saved equals money saved, and productivity is enhanced significantly.


Easy Integration

With over 60+ ECM and file/folder types to choose from, PSIcapture integrates easily into your organisations ecosystem. Move files to ECMs like Microsoft SharePoint, DocuWare and OnBase or into a folder on your company server.


Multi-Core OCR

PSIcapture's ability to read and recognise printed text at blinding speeds is down to high performance OCR, boosting text reading by up to 12X.


Separate Documents

PSIcapture can be trained to automatically identify and separate documents, eliminating the need for pre-scan separation and saving you precious time. This in-demand capability for advanced capture products is built into PSIcapture.


Email Capture

Effortlessly and automatically ingest, process and migrate emails and their attachments to any number of final destinations. Easy set up for administrators with no end user training required.


Table Extraction

PSIcapture extracts each row as an individual record and posts it anywhere including a database or an accounting system for easier, faster processing. Simultaneously push the individual index fields and images to other destinations as well.

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