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Proposing new business and home solutions using the latest XR technology at "SHARP Tech-Day"

Sharp and Dynabook exhibit a demo where you can experience the "future" where real and virtual are fused.

"SHARP Tech-Day" New business and home solution proposal area utilising the latest XR technology and AI technology.

Sharp and Dynabook will be participating in the technology exhibition event "SHARP Tech-Day" held by Sharp from November 10th (Friday) to November 12th (Sunday) this year at Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 8 (Ariake 3, Koto-ku, Tokyo). We propose new business and home solutions that utilise the latest XR (Extended Reality) technology and AI technology. 

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New business solution proposal

In a scenario simulating a future business meeting, keywords extracted in real time from conversations between speakers of different languages ​​(Japanese and English) can be translated and visualised in XR space, and ideas can be visualised by combining generative AI technology. 

Introducing concepts that can be transformed into new products, along with demonstrations. We propose solutions that support smooth communication and image sharing using XR glasses. [Sharp Exhibition]

 As a proposal for a new work style that is not limited by location, we will be exhibiting a demonstration that combines XR glasses and a computer to extend the work screen into an XR space outside the company, such as a cafe. [Dynabook exhibition]

New home solution proposal

Introducing the concept of a future lifestyle where information that supports users appears in XR space according to daily scenes and each lifestyle. For example, when you stand in front of a closet, you can experience a demo in which AI analyses the weather, temperature, and the user's schedule for the day, and suggests recommended clothing coordination. [Sharp Exhibition]

In addition to displaying the content of conversations in text in real time, you can also experience demonstrations of how XR space supports visual and auditory senses, such as enlarging sentences printed in small font to make them easier to read. 

We will introduce technology that uses AI to recognise text in images taken by the camera mounted on XR glasses as text and display it in XR space. We also propose the future of walking around town using XR glasses. We will demonstrate how information about stores and other things you see while taking a walk will be displayed in XR space, superimposed on the scenery in front of you. [Dynabook exhibition]

In addition, at Sharp's exhibition booth, various design models of XR glasses will be on display for reference, including the first public model scheduled to be commercialized next year. Sharp and Dynabook will accelerate the creation of new experiences that fuse the real and virtual, aiming to realize a richer life in the future.


For information on "SHARP Tech-Day" and to register for participation, please refer to the special website below.


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