Security for Multi Function Printers

Printing’s an essential part of everyday business operations, and it's vital that the security of your company's documents is never compromised.
With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, the importance of securing your office equipment, including your printers, has never been more critical. 

Proven protection for confidential data, device access and network safeguards

Sharp's new CR5 series multifunctional printers are an excellent example of a printing solution that takes security seriously, providing the highest levels of security when compared to their competition. Designed with the highest levels of security in mind, and features such as a secure boot process, encrypted communications, secure user authentication, hard disk drive encryption, and intrusion detection and prevention, our printers provide unmatched security for your company's documents.

Choosing a printer with robust security features like the CR5 multifunctional printers is a wise investment in protecting your company's sensitive information and maintaining your clients' trust.

*Requires optional accessory BP-VD10)

Physical Security Threats

Typically, office printers are located in areas accessible by multiple people. Unauthorised personnel can potentially access your corporate networks when these devices are not fully protected. Additionally, any information stored on a local desktop computer or server can be printed without authorisation. Meanwhile, at the printer, confidential information can be accidentally or even purposely copied from stored documents, taken from the output tray or faxed without permission.   

Network security threats

Unsecured access to a company's stored data makes it vulnerable to being stolen or altered. In a worst case scenario, an external user can obtain confidential information, unleash a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, or even place a virus on the device via a network or a phone line. Through a fax line or corporate LAN, communications could be intercepted or sent without permission anywhere in the world. Even printer data stored on a hard disk drive or in its memory could be compromised or stolen if not protected