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Light & Fluffy Microwave Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is so easy to make it's ridiculous. It's not that scrambling eggs in a skillet is difficult. Making fluffy scrambled eggs is easy.

But cooking eggs in the microwave takes "easy" to a new level. It's faster, and there are fewer dishes to wash. Just one bowl and a fork. Add smashed avocado or microwave bacon, leftover oven-baked bacon, or salmon, and you're all set for a fancy feast!

Scrambled eggs can be bland, so don't skimp on the salt. A full ¼ teaspoon of coarse kosher salt is perfect. But if you're using fine salt, you should use just a (generous) pinch or the eggs could turn out too salty.

This recipe was written for the average microwave wattage, which is around 1,000. If your microwave's wattage differs, you'll need to experiment with how long to cook the eggs and at what power level.


  • 2-3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon grated cheese or cream cheese
  • A dash of milk or cream for super fluffy eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • bread of your choice gluten-free if required
  • 1 lemon or lime small
  • ½ avocado sliced or smashed
  • 2 small tomatoes sliced


  1. Crack eggs into a ceramic bowl, add cheese and milk and season. Whisk with a fork to mix. 
  2. Make toast as preferred.
  3. Loosely cover bowl then microwave it on high for 40 seconds. Stir and cook for another 40 seconds. Check and give it another short burst if needed. 
  4. Tip eggs onto toast, sprinkle with lemon juice and serve with sliced avocado and tomatoes on the side.