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Sharp Expands Office Print Range with New A4 Models

Sharp, a leading provider of business technology products and services, has announced the launch of four new A4 models. 

Two monochrome MFPs, and two colour MFPs to provide businesses with a seamless and secure printing solution. The new models, BPB537WR, BPB547WD, BPC533WR and BPC533WD feature effortless connectivity and state-of-the-art security without compromising commitment to sustainability.

The next generation A4 MFPs bring the power of Sharp’s award-winning A3 range to its A4 models, further extending Sharp’s eco-system of smart office devices and services to meet the needs of any business.


Prioritising connectivity and productivity

Today’s workforces span across offices, homes, and remote locations – so Sharp's latest print devices offer cloud-based functionalities to empower teams to collaborate effortlessly from anywhere. The new models feature a Microsoft Teams connector, allowing employees to print from and scan documents to their Teams channels and folders. Wireless LAN connectivity guarantees secure wireless usage, while mobile connectivity features allow employees to manage printing tasks from their smartphones.

In busy office environments, productivity is key. Sharp’s new A4 MFP models provide efficient document management capabilities to meet the demands of workplaces of all sizes. The new models feature print speeds of up to 47ppm, as well as industry-leading scanning speeds of up to 130opm.


Robust security to protect users, devices and data

The new models include enhanced security features to protect each device – as well as the data they store and share. Integration with broader security strategies and optional Bitdefender anti-malware support makes it easier for teams to keep data, devices, and networks secure. Remote firmware management gives users peace of mind that their devices are automatically updated with the latest firmware, rather than relying on a service representative to install it.


Smart functionality and design

Sharp’s new MFPs include a stylish and modern look with a new user-friendly interface. The customisable full flat 7-inch tilt able LCD touchscreen control panel offers a consistent user interface common across Sharp’s print range, enhancing the user experience and enabling those already familiar with Sharp devices to use right away. Designed to be future proof, the Application Portal provides software updates and cloud connector apps to ensure users’ MFPs are always up-to-date.


Supporting environmental goals

With sustainability a key priority for many businesses, Sharp's new MFPs incorporate features aligned with these goals. The new products have reduced energy consumption levels compared to previous models; up to 19% reduction in ready mode and 57% in sleep mode.

Christian Wych, Product Manager at Sharp NZ, said: "As the number of employees engaged in hybrid working has increased over recent years, so too has the need to streamline office equipment. More than ever before, businesses are looking to maximise the value of their print fleet, and better utilise the reduced office spaces that their staff require. Providing high class features in a convenient size is where Sharp’s new A4 MFP range shines. In line with our current range of A3 MFPs, our new A4 devices provide the same connectivity, intuitive functionality and best in class security features, all wrapped up in a compact size fit for today’s office environment.

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