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Finally, Kiwi businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of e-invoicing

In late 2019 we received some wonderful news - smaller New Zealand businesses can streamline payment processes like larger enterprises have done for years. 

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is a better, more future-focused way to process payments, and Australia and New Zealand are among the last developed countries to adopt it. Invoicing and processing your finances electronically takes less paper (like...no paper), less time, and less resource. It’s also easier to track, manage and reduce human error. 

If, like most other businesses, you’ve ever had to chase a late payment, wondered when you sent an invoice or who you sent it to, you’ll understand exactly why e-invoices change the game. 

What is e-invoicing? 

Mutually beneficial for businesses and governments alike, e-invoicing has finally hit Pacific-based small and medium businesses to make payment processes easier. The Australian and New Zealand government-backed initiative involves foregoing paper-based (or even PDF) invoices and instead using a direct, digital service. All you and your buyer/supplier need is a registered NZBN.

Here are some of the reasons small and medium business are rushing to use e-invoicing:

Here’s how to set up e-invoicing 

This shouldn’t be an enormous leap or big investment for your business. Our consultants offer the option to start small with easy-to-implement offerings. This approach helps slowly grow your business into automation, with proper training and comprehensive implementation. Isn’t it about time you freed up your workforce for more meaningful tasks?

If you're ready to switch from manual to fluid, get in touch. 

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