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Improve your Customer Service with Digital Delivery Orders

Blog originally posted on www.blog.pbjectiflune.com by Rebecca Maurice. 

Customer service is a great opportunity to develop your customers’ loyalty. Given that it requires less effort for a business to retain its existing customers than to find new ones, every opportunity to keep them is precious. But for your customers to want to continue doing business with your company, you must provide them with a pleasant shopping experience: from the delivery of your products to receipt of the invoice. So how can you provide better customer service in the field?

3 ways to improve your customer service in the field. 

During delivery of your products, your customers expect quality treatment. They want more interactivity and instantaneousness, while obtaining personalised service. This is why digital delivery orders can be the ideal tool to improve customer experience in the field, for 3 reasons:

Saving time: Each customer’s delivery orders are all centralised on a single tablet. When the delivery is made, the customer signs directly on the digital delivery order. There is thus less risk that documents will be misplaced or illegible. This also allows the delivery person more time to interact with the customer and develop a better relationship.

Accuracy of data: Digital delivery orders allow correction of information in real time. If a delivery is incomplete or damaged, the delivery person can notify the company directly and even take pictures as visual evidence. The changes are made directly on the invoice to avoid future disputes.

Proactivity: If an item is missing or defective, the delivery person may not be able to make a commercial gesture to the customer. However, Customer Service is informed directly and can contact the customer very rapidly to offer a consideration, or reprogram a delivery. Customers feel they are being looked after, and this avoids any frustration that could turn the relationship sour.

With digital delivery orders, you multiply the positive experiences upon delivery of your product. Your customers will recognise a real effort on your part to create a quality relationship with them. This will certainly make them want to continue doing business with your company!


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