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How to defrost food quickly and safely in your microwave

How many times have you only realised halfway through your day that you forgot to leave the mince or chicken out of the freezer to defrost? We are all guilty of it, but it doesn't have to mean your meal needs to wait until tomorrow before you can enjoy it. The magic of microwave technology means defrosting can be done in minutes. 

Using your microwave to cook, defrost or reheat food makes cooking more accessible and convenient. It's important to get to know your microwave to unlock its full features and to use it in a way that ensures best food results every time.  

Defrosting meat in the microwave is quicker and safer than leaving it to defrost on the counter throughout the day. Microwave defrosting ensures that the food retains its nutrients while also killing the bacteria that may grow on food that's been left to defrost for too long. 

Say you want to defrost 100g of mince, place the mince in a microwave safe dish and into the microwave.

  • If the food is frozen in a plastic container, run warm water over the bottom to free the frozen food from the container and place it into a microwave safe dish.
  • Press the defrost button - and press enter
  • Press 100 and G
  • Touch the defrost pad repeatedly to enter the food weight. 
  • Touch 'start' to confirm your selection
  • During the defrosting, the microwave will beep to alert you when it's time to turn the meat over.
  • Once you've turned it, press start to resume defrosting

Once you begin using the defrost function you might require some additional cooking time to ensure your food is evenly thawed throughout. You can do this by using the power button to reduce cooking power and defrost for shorter amounts of time. 

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