Our Global Vision

Creating a globally conscious company with Creativity and Sincerity.

In 2019 Sharp formulated SHARP Eco Vision 2050, a long-term environmental plan based on our basic environmental policy of “Creating an Environmentally Conscious Company with Sincerity and Creativity,” established in 1992. 

Long-Term Environmental Goals

Sharp is working towards realising a sustainable global environment by pursuing long-term goals set in three fields of action with 2050 as the target year: climate change, resource recycling, and safety and security.

Climate Change

Sharp has up to now striven to use less energy in our business activities and to make products that are increasingly more energy efficient so as to reduce the amount of energy consumed by households and society as a whole.

  • Achieve net zero CO2 emissions in Sharp business activities.
  • Create more clean energy than the total amount of energy consumed in Sharp’s entire supply chain.

Resource Recycling

By making more efficient use of resources and continuing to offer maximum value with minimal resources, Sharp is taking on the challenge of achieving the following two goals by 2050 and thus building a circular economy and realising a recycling-oriented society.

  • Use no newly extracted resources*for making products.
  • Achieve zero final disposal to landfill of waste generated in Sharp business activities.

Safety and Security

Sharp’s business activities must not have a negative effect on people’s health, the natural environment, or ecosystems.

  • Properly manage chemicals in order to protect people’s health, the natural environment, and ecosystems. 

Changing the world with 8K+5G and AIoT

Sharp is committed to creating a sustainable future through our business vision. We have been working to develop an 8K+5G ecosystem, expand COCORO LIFE services, and strengthen our cloud services. This shift towards innovative systems and solutions-focused business, integrating hardware, software, and services, will allow Sharp to offer new value to the world as "One Sharp" and address the issues facing the international community.

Sharp is working to expand our successful business areas, such as smart homes, entertainment, and smart offices, while also focusing on healthcare, education, security, industry, and mobility-related areas. In each of these areas, Sharp's focus is on balancing business expansion with addressing social issues, in order to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

A Product of Sharp

Science Based Targets initiative

Sharp is dedicated to taking action in the fight against climate change and has committed to participate in several international initiatives, such as the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We have submitted Greenhouse Gas reduction targets to the SBTi team, which have been certified as scientifically based and in alignment with the Paris Agreement. In Japan, Sharp is also an active member of the Liaison Group of Japanese Electrical and Electronics Industries for Global Warming Prevention. This group is focused on accelerating the pace of industry-wide climate change-related action and the members of this group share information about cutting-edge energy-saving initiatives being implemented in factories, and engage in discussions related to policy recommendations.

Promoting CSR Across Supply Chain

This includes efforts to ensure our suppliers meet high ethical and environmental standards, as well as programs to support the local communities where our factories and offices are located. For example, Sharp has implemented a code of conduct for suppliers that includes requirements for labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures.