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Scientific Institution Tests

The effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ion technology has been proven at 24 Institutions in Japan and  around the world. The institutions listed below have gathered validation data for Plasmacluster Ion generating devices. 

Test Substance

Tested by:

Airborne /  Adhering viruses

Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Sciences (japan), 

Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo University, Shokukanken Inc.  ( Japan )

Kitasato   Institute   Medical   Centre   HospitalKitasato   University (Japan)

Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China)

Public Health Research Foundation, Pasleur Institute, Ho Chi Ming City (Vietnam)

Hanoi College of Technology, Vietnam University (Vietnam)

Retroscreen Virology Ltd. ( United  Kingdom ),  Seoul   University  ( Korea )

Airborne allergens

HiroshimaUniversityGraduateSchool of Advanced Sciences of Matter ( Japan ),

Osaka City University Graduate SChool of Medicine, Soiken Inc. (Japan)

Asthma Society of Canada (Canada)

Airborne mould

Ishikawa Health Service Association ( Japan )

Japan  Food Research Laboratories (Japan)

Airborne  / Adhering bacteria

Ishikawa Health Service Association ( Japan ), Soiken Inc. (Japan)

Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China)

Japan  Food Research Laboratories, Shokukanken Inc. (Japan)

KitasatoInstituteMedicalCentreHospital , KitasatoUniversity ( Japan )

Animal Clinical Research Foundation (Japan)

HarvardSchool of Public Health ( United States of America )

Aachen University of Applies Science, University of Lübeck ( Germany )

Adhering odour

Animal Clinical Research Foundation, Boken Quality Evaluation Institute (Japan)

Adhering mould

Aachen University of Applies Science, University of Lübeck ( Germany )

Japan Food Research Laboratories (Japan)

A Product of Sharp

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Since the introduction in October 2000 of the first air purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology, Sharp’s proprietary air purification technology, total sales of products equipped with this technology reached 60 million units worldwide at the end of December 2015.

This includes installation of PCI into a lot of Sharp products including Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Vacuums, Air Conditioners, LED Lighting, Ceramic fan heaters, Dehumidifiers and Copiers

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