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Sharp's CSR Promise

    At Sharp we are passionate about making New Zealand a better and cleaner place. Our efforts on getting ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System is a testament of our determination. We are also proud to offer the following initiatives to all Sharp customers. 

Free Toner Recycling Programme

Let us take the worry out of reducing waste in your printer room.

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Packaging Removal and Recylcing

As we prepare your printer for delivery, we take one step further by removing and recycling all the packaging at our warehouse. This means the device arrives at your office with no waste and ready to go. 

End of Life Electronics /

Through our refurbishment programme, it is our goal to maximise the lifecycle of products. 

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Recognitions and Accreditations

Sharp New Zealand is committed to reducing the negative impacts of business practice on the environment through internationally accredited and respected processes, which is why we have focused our efforts on ISO accreditations first and foremost. 

A Product of Sharp

ISO 14001

Sharp New Zealand is registered to the internationally recognised environmental management system, ISO14001. Our ISO system is audited every 24 months by Lloyds Global. We continually strive to contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our facilities and products and regularly review our targets to achieve better environmental performance year-on-year.  

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Product Stewardship

Sharp is accredited with the Product Stewardship Scheme by the Minister for the Environment.

About Product Stewardship

ISO 14001

The scheme incorporates recycling of all the company’s electrical and electronic products and equipment. It also includes product that is returned to Sharp and is used internally. All multifunction and consumer electronics products will be assessed to see if they can be reused or recycled. If they can be re-used, they are repaired and sold second-hand. The remaining products will be recycled. 

ISO14001 KPI Summary at 31 March 2021 (based on 12 months moving average)

MeasureAnnual KPI TargetActual YTD
Landfill wasteSame as last year27% reduction
Package recycling10% reduction vs last year35% reduction
Toner recyclingRecycle 40% of units dispatched57% achieved
Product Recycling5% increase24% reduction
Electricity usage5% reduction8% reduction


Free Toner Recycling Programme

Let us take the worry out of reducing waste in your printer room.

Recycling your printer consumables is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1. Opt into our toner recycling programme
2. A toner recycling box will be delivered to your office at your next toner delivery
3. Once the carton is full, simply call the 0800 no. on the box to arrange collection

All consumables are 100% recyclable through our partner Recycling Group. The plastic is recycled through a plastic refinery and the remaining ink in the toner cartridges are used to create recycled paint, or for road markings.

End of life electronic products / E-waste

What will happen when we pick up your old printer when it comes off lease?

First our Service Team will evaluate the state of the machine. Through our refurbishment programme, It is our goal to maximise the lifecycle of products. This means reducing energy use from the manufacture and supply chain, as well as the reduction of landfill and unrecyclable materials. In 2020, 35% of all Multi-Functional Devices machines sold were through our refurbishment program.

Data Safety

All photocopiers returned to us are sanitised; wiping memories, network settings, and Job logs. If for any reason these tasks cannot be completed, the photocopier is classified as 'End of Life' and sent to the recycler where the hard drives are shredded. If required a certificate can be requested and provided by the recycler confirming the destruction of a hard drive.

Environmental Policy

The Directors, Managers, and staff of Sharp Corporation of New Zealand are committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution while conducting our business in distribution, technically supporting and servicing our full range of consumer and business technologies

The company's aims are:

  • To conduct business in a manner that is environmentally responsible having due regard for the Corporate Environmental Policy, changing community. standards and expectations, and to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and other compliance obligations that Sharp subscribes to.
  • To monitor and modify Sharp's environmental activities to ensure compliance with changing laws, standards and community attitudes.
  • To conserve resources used by Sharp in the execution of our company's business including the maintenance of an effective energy conservation strategy when it is cost-effective.
  • To achieve ongoing improvement in environmental management and the prevention of pollution.
  • To provide environmental training to relevant staff to ensure proper operation of the Environmental Management System.
  • To implement the environmental policy through the Compliance Management Committee, which will set objectives and targets for environmental matters within Sharp, and provide the resources necessary to support Sharp's environmental policy and its initiatives, including encouraging and reviewing staff recommendations leading to improvements in Sharp's performance.
  • To maintain certification to ISO 14001 and the Sharp Voluntary Product Stewardship Scheme that is accredited and audited by the Ministry for The Environment.