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4 Reasons why Facial Recognition's game-changing for Businesses

The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is built on NEC’s world-leading facial recognition technology. This technology is becoming much more widespread in the world of business in the wake of COVID-19, where contactless access and visitor management is commonplace. But what makes facial recognition a viable solution for Kiwi businesses in 2022? We’ve compiled four reasons to consider when deciding if facial recognition can be your business game-changer.

1.Facial recognition technology improves security and efficiency

Facial recognition technology can help organisations quickly and accurately identify individuals. This can be helpful in a number of situations, such as when organisations need to quickly verify the identities of employees or visitors. Not only is this a much more secure option than name tags or ID cards, it completely removes the need of having a staff member manually checking visitors’ IDs.

2.Facial recognition improves staff and visitor visibility 

Facial recognition can be used for security purposes. With facial recognition, new staff, guests or contractors can be registered – and upon subsequent visits, immediately recognised and granted access in a variety of ways.  Facial recognition can be used to grant access to buildings, notify businesses when certain guests arrive, clock staff members on and off shift, and track visitors’ arrival and departure times.

3.Safety and facial recognition technology 

Whilst there may be concerns around the security of facial recognition technology, it is becoming widely adopted by organisations to streamline access and authorisation. When used responsibly and safely, facial recognition is considerably more secure than traditional authentication methods such as PIN numbers and passwords which can easily be stolen.

NEC is a world leader in cyber security and facial recognition. Biometric technology is subject to rigorous independent testing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and NEC consistently rank number one for both speed and accuracy in facial recognition. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk ensures that personal information including images are stored securely. In addition alternatives are provided for those that may wish to opt out of the use of facial recognition.

Have you ever had to use your face to open a phone? Or get your photo taken at an airport immigration counter? Then you have encountered facial recognition technology. The truth is, facial recognition technology provides a fast, effective, accurate and most importantly contactless solution to post COVID-19 public safety concerns.

4.Facial recognition is the future of business

One of the most exciting potential uses for facial recognition is in business. Imagine being able to instantly identify all of your customers as they walk in the door. Or being able to track employee productivity with real-time data. The possibilities are endless.

With this in mind, the Sharp Welcome Kiosk can act as a virtual receptionist, a digital visitor log book, or an automated staff sign-in tool and give businesses more time to spend generating revenue rather than tracking and registering visitors. 

Discover a whole host of benefits with Sharp Welcome Kiosk. Need to admit guests in a more efficient way? Want to give visitors the option to enrol themselves and print labels or tickets directly?

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