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4 Benefits of 3CX for Easier Call Handling Anywhere

Businesses are no longer confined to the office or contact centre. Now, businesses offer remote flexibility and people can quite literally work from the other side of the world. 

But how do you work from anywhere when your business landline remains on your desk? Sharp’s business phone solution aims to help New Zealand take their landline anywhere with an advanced mobility app to allow your landline to travel with you freely. Sharp is NZ’s largest vendor partner of 3CX, one of the world’s most recognised IP phone systems. 

Unchain your landline - Take business calls direct from your browser

Traditional business phone systems were not initially built for the remote working revolution. 3CX is different. 3CX was developed with mobility and flexibility in mind from day one. Wouldn’t it be nice to take your office extension with you wherever you go? With 3CX you can, and with no additional hardware requirements apart from your laptop or smartphone, or a headset if desired.

The 3CX mobility app keeps you connected anywhere

No time to grab your laptop? 3CX is available on the Google Play and Apple Store for download, and is the perfect companion for intuitive calling and messaging. Connect securely over any available connection or WiFi. Never experience a dropped call when switching between data and WiFi again. The mobility app contains all the same functionality as the web client and desktop app, but in a smaller smartphone sized package. 

The trick to never missing calls again

Staying connected wherever you are is easy with 3CX. Here are our tips and tricks to ensuring you never miss a call again.

Tip #1 - Create a seperate push profile

Most 3CX users will utilise the web client or desktop app simultaneously for more efficiency. You don’t want to annoy co-workers if the web client and mobile app begin to ring at the same time. A good way around this is to disable PUSH on your ‘Available’ profile and create a profile to be used with your mobile device. 

For example, I like to change the default ‘Lunch’ status to ‘Available (PUSH)’ so that you immediately have a profile with it enabled and your ‘Available’ profile has it deactivated. This means that you do not have to go into the settings each time and enable/disable it. This can be achieved as follows:

A Product of Sharp

  1. Log into your 3CX Web Client
  2. Click the ‘More’ icon and select ‘Settings
  3. Select ‘Status’ and the profile you wish to edit
  4. Give the status a custom profile name
  5. Under ‘General Options’, deselect ‘Accept Push Notifications

    This is a quick and simple way to switch between status depending on which device you wish to make and receive calls on.

    Tip #2 - Utilise call forwarding

    Working in an internet no man’s land with no connection? Easily set your extension to forward incoming calls to any landline or mobile number.

    A Product of Sharp

    1. Navigate to ‘Settings’.
    2. Under the ‘General’ tab, populate the ‘Mobile’ field with the telephone number that you wish to ring in tandem as your extension.
    3. Navigate to ‘Status’ and choose your ‘Available’ status.
    4. Under ‘General Options’ select the ‘Also Ring my Mobile’ option.

    Now when your extension is in the Available profile, calls will ring on your extension and your desired landline or mobile simultaneously.

    At Sharp, we don’t see business phones as static. You need your landline extension to travel with you wherever you go in order to stay connected to your customers and clients. With 3CX, this becomes even easier. Contact our local 3CX specialists today to find out how your business phone system can be more mobile.

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