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The allergy sufferers guide to surviving a Kiwi summer

There's nothing like a Kiwi summer. Enjoying BBQs with friends, road tripping and enjoying everything Aotearoa has to offer, and making the most of the glorious weather (most of the time). But summer can also spell disaster for allergy sufferers or those with hay fever. Did you know, that globally 10-15% of the population suffer with allergies? And whilst the summer weather can unleash havoc for allergy sufferers, the air inside our homes can often be just as triggering if not more so due to common household allergens that permeate our living spaces. 

 Allergy New Zealand offer extensive advice for anyone who struggles during the spring and summer with allergies, some of the most common causes of allergies in New Zealand might be more prevalent than you think! 


Airborne pollen can spell disaster for hay fever and asthma sufferers during spring and summer. In New Zealand, pollination begins at the top of the North Island and gradually moves down to the bottom of the South Island. Pollen concentration will depend on the region you are in - You can keep tabs on the daily pollen count in your region on the Met service website.

House dust mites

These little critters reside indoors and feast on our dead skin... Delightful. When they poop it out, microscopic particles of dust are released into the air, which is the reason many of us experience symptoms in dusty or enclosed spaces. Unluckily for us, New Zealand has a particular issue with house dust mites as they thrive in a warmer country with suitable humdity levels. For most people, the bedroom is the problem area for dust mites – pillows, bed linen, soft toys, and closets, can quickly gather dust that can aggravate allergy sufferers when the room is disturbed.


Mould can be found virtually anywhere that water and oxygen exist. It's also quite a common problem in the Kiwi home because of humidity levels in the air, and warm temperatures. Mould thrives in unventilated, moist areas, like bathroom tile, walls, or carpets. Mould produces spores, which when inhaled, can trigger symptoms in asthma and hay fever sufferers.


Guests allergic to animals? This is caused when individual hairs or fluff from your pet is released into the air. When it's not possible to get rid of the animal causing the allergies, there are plenty of ways to alleviate symptoms if your guests are wheezing and coughing.   

The solution - Plasmacluster ION technology 

Now, Kiwis can breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy fresh, clean, unpolluted air inside without worrying about allergies with Sharp's new range of air purifiers. The devices are equipped with up to 6 sensors monitoring, among other things: dust levels (including e.g., PM2.5 dust, cigarette smoke, dead mite bodies, mold and pollen), and household odours (aerosols, tobacco, or alcohol). 

Only in Sharp purifiers can Kiwis find the innovative Plasmacluster technology. Working with 13 research centers around the world, Sharp has gained evidence of the remarkable effectiveness of this solution. Thanks to the Plasmacluster HD ions, harmful microbes and allergens are effectively removed not only from the air, but also from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, including walls, furniture and fabrics. 

Why choose a Sharp Air Purifier? 

HEPA filters are industry standard, and are optimal for trapping and reducing unwanted or undesirable particles that are in the air you breathe. It may be surprising to know that in a study conducted in the US, it was found that the amount of indoor pollutants indoors was up to five times higher than that of outside.

Sharp purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter that retains 99.97%. particles up to 0.3 microns in size and are have the Allergy UK seal of approval. The HEPA filter life for Sharp purifiers is up to 2 years. In practice, the time to change the filter will depend on the level of air pollution and the size of the space, but our filter replacement indicator will let you know when it's time to change. 

Suitable for bedrooms, small living spaces and closets: Sharp's Air Purifiers are sleek and compact, with our compact model for room sizes of 49.5m2, and Comfort model for rooms up to 127m2. Both sizes offer effective purification without the footprint.

Plasmacluster air purification technology effectively removes pet dander and hair. Our purifiers are also armed with high performance double deodorizing filters of activated carbon that remove up to three times more odours than conventional air purification systems.

You can find out more about Sharp Air Purification technology and our range by checking out our range.

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