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Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and get more done with FileBound 

Work better together, eliminate tedious tasks and build customised workflows that let teams easily create, route, review, process and retrieve content.
Our innovative automated workflow experience eliminates tedious work, enhances productivity, and improves services  across many industries.

FileBound offers document workflow solutions for any enterprise


Provide 24/7 online forms submission for financial and resource requests.  Reduce paperwork burden and ensure audit-readiness to secure funding.


Boost productivity and simplify tasks so you can focus on student achievement whilst digitising records and ensure data compliance with regulations.


Automate processes, provide online form submissions for utility requests and securely share records and improve collaboration between government agencies.

Human Resources

Simplify and streamline work applications, onboarding and employee review processes and easily maintain comprehensive employee profiles armed with action alerts.

Accounts Payable

Automate and accelerate purchase orders and invoicing while monitoring payment status in real-time from your dashboard and manage vendor selection, facilitate onboarding, and provide an online self-service portal to keep processes moving.

Contract Management

Improve records access and enable a remote workforce and grant secure digital records and files access to staff working from anywhere.
Organise and manage information chaos from one dashboard to boost productivity.

Straightforward workflow automation

Drag and drop configuration lets you automate even the most intricate tasks, without the need for coding.

  • Collect information from virtually any format: email, fax, paper, documentation, forms and more. 
  • Create dynamic rule sets to route data and trigger operations.  
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Empower your virtual workforce via the cloud

Make workflows seamless between full-time, on-site, virtual, or freelance teams across the globe. 

  • Access files, route documents for review and approval, create forms, collect eSignatures, see pending tasks, and assess project status and results from anywhere. 
  • Centralise multiple interfaces for indexing and distributing data for use in other applications. 
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Analytics make the data you have work for you

Get a real-time look at tasks and projects and use analytics to define benchmarks, discover areas for improvement, and raise productivity.

Fast adoption and a user-friendly experience

Easy to set up with little to no training required. Intuitive, logical end-user experience makes interacting with the system a breeze.

Flexible integrations to get you all the content you need

Say goodbye to silos with our comprehensive integration platform and API capabilities that allow you to connect to common business systems. 

"By partnering with Sharp, Foodfirst was able to implement a software solution to future-proof against increases in invoice volumes and redeploy data entry resources to value-add tasks."

Craig Smith, Financial Controller, Foodfirst New Zealand

Integrations to help you get more done

FileBound works with your existing systems, so you can minimize bouncing from application to application and just get down to business. Get in touch with us today to explore how Sharp can streamline your business with our powerful suite of automation software solutions.

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