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Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboard revolutionises Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

Stroud Homes is a group of licensed and local builders, each with years of personal design and building experience. The company prides itself on simplifying the new build process for their customers. Since its inception in 2011, Stroud Homes has gone from strength to strength, owning over 30 franchises in Australia and 8 franchises in New Zealand. Shane McMah, the Director of Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty, has recently revolutionised his business by introducing the Sharp PN65TH1 Interactive White Board Display (IWB) in their Tauranga office.

Shane approached Sharp with the goal of replacing the messy and often times frustrating manual planning process with a digital product that improves client interactivity and customisation when it came to creating the perfect home. The interactive whiteboard offered the ideal solution; not only does it eradicate the manual pen and paper-based process, it also offers an instant and customised workflow. The result? Allowing his customers to visualise their plans and see their ideas come to life before their very eyes.

“clients can come in and discuss the plans, we can draw up changes, we can erase the changes quite simply, modify it and draw a wall in a new location. Before, we had to use erasers and different pen colours which gets too messy- whereas now we can draw on it and mark it up real-time.” – Shane McMah

Shane has been utilising the pen and overlay software in order to move walls, delete and modify plans and make changes based on what the customer wants in their home. The interactive whiteboard has been a catalyst in the visualisation process, while giving never-before-seen accuracy and faster development. Before, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty had been relying heavily on manually marking up a floorplan with different coloured pens and erasers and then photocopying copies to send to designers for editing. Those frustrations are now a thing of the past due to the speed and accuracy of the IWB (Interactive Whiteboard Display).

“It has wow-factor. It’s 65”, it’s a huge screen, it’s been a great investment as we have it running videos continually of our plans- and it immediately draws attention. It brings our plans to life and shows the client why they want to live in a Stroud Home.”

When it comes to integration, Shane praised Sharp’s hassle free installation process and support throughout the process of upgrading to the IWB. Just a phone call with Sharp’s sales team in Tauranga led to Shane having a demonstration at Sharp’s showroom and from there he realised that the IWB allowed him to achieve all of the things he needed to.

“Sharp is the brand that comes to mind when I think of interactive displays- and working with Sharp was the next step in utilising technology in order to really involve our clients.”

Sharp’s Senior Account Manager Phil Lottering supported Shane’s vision, and assisted with the training and installation of the IWB. Phil states;

 “The decision process was very quick. As soon as Shane saw the accuracy of the panel he knew that was the correct product for him. Accuracy was a major factor for Shane as he needed to work on house plans that had fine lines.”

Three months on, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty has revolutionised their business. The display has integrated seamlessly, making it so much easier for the team to change plans and modify designs. The move from viewing a 2D drawing on a page to a 3D visualisation on an interactive screen provides clients a more robust and virtual experience to visualise their new home.


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