Smart Print Management that won't cost the earth

Print management software for waste-free, easy, secure printing.

Papercut enables organisations of all sizes to manage and control their entire fleet of multi-function print devices in one low cost software solution. Seamlessly integrating with Sharp's range of office and commercial printers, Papercut helps to authenticate, track and report the print activity of all visitors, staff, or guests who use the system.

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Software that uses the power of your devices for good — easy, secure, and waste-free printing


Control device access, implement secure print release or even digitally sign and watermark your print jobs to take security to a new level.


PaperCut empowers you to make printing easy again for your end users, whether they're printing from a BYOD or mobile device, and makes your life easy by auto-deploying print drivers.


Managed and BYOD systems are all covered. Track printing from all devices such as Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows.


Print to one queue and pick up at any printer with the simple ‘tap and release’ workflow powered by Find-Me printing.


Push the right print queues and printer drivers to roaming users no matter where they go, all automatically.


Reduce the amount of print waste that ends up in the bin with more visibility and access.

Protect data before, during, and after printing

PaperCut MF’s security puts peace of mind center stage. Physical measures protect documents throughout their entire lifecycle – and end-to-end encryption keeps data as breach-proof as possible.

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Fully featured print management

Whether Sharp devices are a part of your mixed fleet, or your whole organization uses Sharp OSA, PaperCut MF’s fully featured print management solution just works.

Simple setup for administrators


Consistent user experience across all your Sharp devices


Local, specialist support provided by your Sharp representatives.

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Print management by SysAdmins for SysAdmins

Get up and running in less than an hour. PaperCut MF’s server software is easy to setup with with minimal technical resources.

  • Automatically detect printers and MFDs on your network
  • Easily import and sync users and groups from your directory
  • Define user access rights, page costs and quotas
  • Report on all print activity
More efficient print management

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Find-Me Printing

All staff can print to the same print queue which makes printing quicker and more convenient. Simply hit print, select colour and paper size, swipe your card et voila!

  • Convenient 'swipe and release' function
  • If one printer is busy, users can walk to another one that's free and print instantly
  • Single print queue deployment for admins
  • Increased print security due to requiring staff card print release
  • Users can change print settings whilst at the MFD to reduce paper waste

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Secure Print Release

With advanced security features, you can rest assured that your MFD is fully equipped to stop data leaks or compliance issues by introducing a hold-and-release queue.

  • Secure print release by requiring identification before the job is released
  • Print logging increases visibility of what is being printed where, and by who
  • More authentication options at MFD include ID, swipe card or password protection
  • Secure print release eliminates uncollected print jobs left at the printer
  • Block release to printers that are down to ensure sensitive data is not printed at a later date
  • Delegated printing for easier queue management

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A Product of Sharp

Waste Control

Papercut offers your business insight into waste reduction, and offers features to reduce the amount of paper waste produced.

  • Set print quotas and allocate accounts between departments and teams to drive better print behaviours
  • Papercut enables users to delete or modify their print jobs right at the MFD to reduce accidental print errors
  • Papercuts Usage and reporting statistics empowers businesses to take accountability and see their environmental impact at a glance.
  • Create customisable pop-up messages to help change users printing behaviours prior to printing
  • Set up secure print release to avoid the recycling bin from filling up with uncollected print jobs

Reduce your paper waste

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