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Create a safer Workplace for Staff and Visitors post COVID-19 

What could businesses do to create safer, more secure workplaces in the wake of COVID-19? Many New Zealander's have had to adopt a new hybrid, work-from-anywhere approach, which means that organisations have relied on technology in new ways to lighten the load. 

Imagine a solution that combines digital visitor management with state-of-the-art thermal imaging and facial recognition technology. Imagine granting access to anyone upon entering your business, without the time-consuming logins and inductions. Imagine your guests or staff having access granted and having their visit recorded digitally, so you know exactly who is on site, where they are and when they arrive and leave.

Introducing the Sharp Welcome Kiosk. Your new virtual receptionist, digital guest management and customer service attendant. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is a Visitor Management System built to support your business in admitting guests without the fuss. 

New Zealand's newest and most feature-packed virtual visitor management tool

A Visitor Management System (VMS) is a digital, automated solution that welcomes, records, informs and tracks visitors to any number of venues, businesses or work sites. Visitor Management Systems also screen visitors and provide support for reception staff whose job it is to register guests and grant access to visitors by automating the process. Safeguarding the records of guests or staff who enter the business, and tracking where they are at all times with personalised greetings and a friendly, effective customer interface.

Sharp's VMS solution is the next frontier in virtual visitor management, utilising NEC's world-leading NeoFace facial recognition technology to innovate the process. Unlike other biometric systems, facial recognition requires no physical or active interaction with the subject; making the Sharp Welcome Kiosk one of the safest and smartest Visitor Management Systems on the New Zealand market.*

*NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software is recognized as the fastest and most accurate on the global market as tested by the US institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), 2009,2010,2013,2017,2020.


Less intrusive yet highly accurate, facial recognition technology enables faces to be recorded and archived at a distance, easily integrating with CCTV security systems and making the registration and verification of individuals easier than ever.

The integrated touch-screen, friendly and charming avatar, and clear and consistent spoken instructions allow visitors to self-serve and complete sign-in and site registration quickly. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is configurable to any number of applications, from building sites, to government departments, health centres, aged care facilities, or entertainment and hospitality venues. Thanks to highly configurable and customisable elements such as visitor label printing, video playback, providing meeting details, way-finding, induction training or sending a notification message to the host, Sharp Welcome Kiosk will meet the needs and expectations of both business and customer alike.

Would you like to manage visitors in less time, more securely or with less overhead? Would you like to create a ‘wow’ factor for your customers and increase satisfaction levels? Do you need to ensure site visitors complete site induction or on-site training before they complete work? Do you manage this efficiently and accurately now? Would you like to differentiate from your competitors? Do you have any tools in place in order to provide outstanding customer service? Would you like an automated notification (SMS, email, app alerts, phone call) when your visitor arrives? Do you need accurate digital audit log/record of visitors onto your premises? Could you benefit from statistics to assist with decision making? E.g. age, gender, preferences, number / time of visitors (assist with staffing requirements)

Improve Business Efficiency with Sharp's automated visitor check-in solution

Say goodbye to long lines – Sharp’s Welcome Kiosk immediately recognises returning visitors and automates check-in, notifying the host instantly. This allows for front of house staff to be utilised more efficiently in other tasks. Not to mention the kiosk doesn’t need to take breaks or use the toilet (that we know of!) meaning your visitor arrivals will always have a point of contact when checking in.

Avoid data security breaches with Sharp's advanced security features

Facial recognition technology eliminates the risks associated with traditional authentication methods. Forgotten passwords, cumbersome email verification, or having your details stolen are a thing of the past. Biometric authentication is much more secure as it is extremely difficult to have your face, voice or fingerprint stolen as hashed templates are created and facial images are not used for matching. Sharp’s liveness camera technology reduces the risk of identity theft by ensuring still images cannot be used in an attempt to fool the system.

Tried and tested: Sharp utilises world's fastest and most accurate facial recognition technology for unsurpassed speed and efficiency

Powered by NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software which is independently recognised as the fastest and most accurate on the global market – Sharp Welcome Kiosk greatly exceeds all other vendors for speed and accuracy. Imagine removing the manual sign in process all together, and how much faster it would be to register visitors through facial recognition. No more fumbling to enter personal details and answering security questions; once a guest has registered, they will be recognized instantly.

Give your reception staff a break with Sharp's 24/7 virtual attendant

Not only does the Sharp Welcome Kiosk integrate into almost any environment or business, but it can personally welcome every guest and drastically reduce wait times in busy areas. Good customer experience in turn grows your customer base and drives customer satisfaction. Customers value convenience and they also enjoy being offered the choice of speaking to a member of staff, or checking in virtually, and by giving your staff the chance to focus on other tasks than welcoming guests your business can spend more time on improving efficiency.

Reasons why the Sharp Welcome Kiosk provides the most advanced and accurate visitor management solution

  • The kiosk can run and interact with any other Windows program or web based service.
  • The kiosk notifies the host when visitors arrive.
  • Contact tracing benefits include anonymous demographic data and visitor audit data are captured and recorded seamlessly.
  • Integrate with other IT systems, calendars, and point of sales.
  • The kiosk integrates with door opening or building management systems to ensure the correct access is given to secure areas.
  • Information is shared between multiple kiosks, great for multi-site organisations.
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft by detecting depth.

    Bottom Line

    The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is fully configurable to suit the ever changing needs of businesses navigating a post COVID-19 world. With vaccine passports becoming the new normal for the majority of organisations in New Zealand, VMS will be a key tool in adapting to change, managing visitor registration, recording guests and improving efficiency.

    There are endless opportunities that can be identified by using Visitor Management Systems, from saving time and money, increasing customer satisfaction levels, improving safety measures and streamlining contact tracing procedures. The benefits of a Visitor Management System are totally different for every business, and the Sharp Welcome Kiosk has been built with that in mind; every business has different needs, which Sharp builds a solution around. To discover how your business can benefit from VMS, get in touch today.