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PN-SS02 software is the network version of Sharp Digital Signage Software. PN-SS02 distributes the created signage content via network connection to multiple locations.



Built-in Scheduling
Allows different programme scheduling
Complete Package
Includes four adjustable layout frames and up to two adjustable speed message bards
Multiple frames
Permits horizontal and vertical image display on multiple frames all on one screen
Multiple media sources
Compatible with Movies, Flash Animations, Still Images, Audio
Network Ready
Easily manage and distribute your own content to an individuals PC or multiple PCs on a network.
Optional Viewer (PN-SV01)
Permits storing prepared content on USB flash drives to allow playback on additional PCs and Sharp "PN" and "TLM" series LCD monitors.
Provides complete digital signage workflow:
Program creation, Registration, Scheduling, Distribution
Time and cost reduction
Eliminates creating posters, billboards, printing, colour matching, packaging and delivery for updated content.

PN-SS02 : Sharp Digital Signage Software - Network version

Sharp Digital Signage Software programs digitized posters, video information and other content to be delivered and displayed at a pre-scheduled time on a single display.

Sharp Digital Signage Software (SDSS) Package provides quick and easy information display management for marketing content.

This versatile software package delivers program creation, registration, scheduling and distribution of pre-scheduled information on Sharp "PN" series LCD monitors, operating easily with a user-friendly interface.ThePN-SS02"network version" software allows you to create content and remotely distribute programs and schedules over a network. The also availablePN-SS01software enables you to create and display content on a single display. The optionalPN-SV01viewer software permits content prepared withPN-SS01orPN-SS02software to be stored on USB Flashdrives for playback to an unlimited number of location