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5 Professional Service Challenges Solved with M-Files

Todays customers have new demands, they require tailored products and access to up-to-date information when they need it. 

The challenges faced by Professional Services arise when business documents are all over the place, and processes like client onboarding and case management are manual and lengthy. Here are 5 of the most common challenges faced in the Professional Services industry in 2023, and how M-Files can solve them.

1. Data located in multiple places

Endlessly searching for the information you need is one of the main causes for concern for Professional Services in 2023. 

With M-Files, all your documents are located in one central place. You will also see the most up-to-date version, with visibility on what changes have been made since you last accessed the document - as well as by who, and when changes were last made.

2. Lack of visibility over critical information

M-Files provides a central repository for documents and files from different silos. You can access, store and manage documents from network folders, your CRM, SharePoint or ERP - and anywhere else they might live. M-Files enables a singular 360-degree view of data from otherwise disparate repositories.

3.  Employees need access to documents when working remotely

M-Files gives your business full access from a smartphone, tablet or computer - from anywhere. You may also scan any documents or receipts from anywhere as well as review, approve or sign documents. 

4.  Invoice routing is cumbersome

M-Files helps you to streamline the process of cost coding, processing and approving payment, while centralising invoice processing through workflows. Say goodbye to paper invoice stacks and filing cabinets full of paperwork from years ago - with M-Files, your invoice processing time can be reduced from days or weeks to minutes.

5. Paper trail is unorganised and messy

M-Files turns paper intensive processes into streamlined, digital workflows. Integrated scanning with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes paper files text searchable.

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