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7 Benefits of Team Collaboration with 3CX

It's true, organisations rely on internal communication to maintain a cohesive structure, but keeping members of your team updated via phone conversations and chat messages can be time-consuming.

Video conferencing has seen tremendous growth in recent years as companies have embraced mobile working. Those all important Monday morning team meetings have become more flexible and can be conducted both in person and remotely. 3CX Video Conferencing includes many advanced features that can enhance any team meeting.

A browser-based video conferencing application can improve team communication, making for a more productive office environment.

The 3CX web client and desktop app are easy to use, so you can focus on the business of your meetings instead of technical issues. Fully integrated within the 3CX Web Client and desktop app, video conferencing is made easier than ever without the need for extra apps and downloads. No matter what operating system they are using, teams can be invited to the meeting quickly with 3CX.

3CX mobility apps are the perfect way to stay connected from anywhere, whether you're on the go or in the office.

Not all team members can be chained to their desks, so it is important to bring them along when you travel for a meeting. Use the 3CX Mobile App to stay connected with colleagues and clients no matter where you are.

Meetings are a great chance to show off your smarts and get everyone on the same page. To tackle this, 3CX's video conferencing platform offers the following advanced in-meeting features:

  • Whiteboard/Chalkboard: The USB drawing pen lets you sketch ideas, draw diagrams, and annotate with text overlays.
  • PDF sharing: You can share your documents with your team and get feedback on them in real time. When PDF documents are shared for group collaboration, participants can use annotation tools to point out specific sections of a document to bring attention to them.
  • Screen sharing: You can share entire screens, specific windows, or browser tabs to make product demonstrations and overviews easier.
  • Camera sharing: Output from a camera connected to the presenter's computer can be displayed on an overhead projector. This feature is useful for showing the presenter's desk.
  • YouTube video playback: You can use any existing public content on YouTube within a meeting, allowing the presenter to pause and play videos at any moment.
  • Polls: Need a general consensus or team feedback to drive business decisions? Get the answers you need with Polls. Offer your team anonymous responses, and get a full report of all answers after your session.
  • Meeting recording: Need a recording of your meeting for compliance or an absent team member? 3CX Video Conferencing includes recording in 3 different resolutions (480p, 720p & 1080p) at no additional cost that can be downloaded up to 7 days after a meeting has ended. All recorded meetings are instantly emailed to the organiser following the session as well.

Get your team back on track with 3CX and have your meetings run smoothly from anywhere. Get in touch with our team of local 3CX experts to find out how your team can benefit from Sharp’s business phone system.

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