3CX and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform for Microsoft 365. Users add colleagues to a 'team' which then becomes the centre of a series of chat rooms, known as channels. As well as chat, Teams provides conferencing, email and collaboration tools.

What MS Teams lacks however, are key voice features which are essential to the Enterprise such as call queues and skill-based routing.

Other limitations of MS Teams include:


Teams only offers PSTN dialing. audio conferencing, and a cloud based PBX as paid add on services.


Tied down to MS SIP and Azure hosting


Tied down to specific Teams handsets


Subject to regional availability

Combine 3CX with Teams

By integrating with 3CX, Teams users can benefit from 3CX’s rich telephony features, low-cost calling plans from a local carrier and other business communication features such as Live Chat and Facebook integration.

3CX Teams Integration is more than an SBC, which has certain drawbacks such as extensions being idle and call reports missing calls from Teams Users.

Instead, it uses Direct Routing (SBC Trunking); which we use to simulate extensions over the bridge. This enhances call quality as users enjoy less hops, errors and delays than when using a connection directly via SBC.

Cutting costs using 3CX with Microsoft Teams

3CX Teams integration offers the solution, with a unified calling experience for all. 3CX users can dial Teams users and vice versa, and Teams users can dial externally via 3CX SIP trunks.

So you can:

Jumpstart collaboration with fully immersive technology for all ages.


Use a SIP provider of your choice in your country

Eliminate additional licenses for an SBC - as this is natively integrated into 3CX

Benefits of 3CX MS Teams Integration

To recap, here is why Microsoft Teams users need 3CX.

1. Unlimited extensions ✓

2. Advanced contact centre ✓

3. Extensive call reports ✓

4. Cost- saving 

5. Open APIs for custom integrations 

6. No vendor lock in! 

7. Call recording with transcriptions 

8. Advanced call flow app 

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