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No more tech roadblocks. Say hello to a seamless workflow.

Our office technologies look to the future - offering smart design, seamless automation, and revolutionary software. 


Whether you use a professional display in your shopfront, or a touchscreen panel in your boardroom, our stunning displays are simply the best.


Award-winning for its ease-of-use, our business printer range sets our clients up for a work day without frustration.


Smart, secure, and reliable - did you know that Sharp New Zealand offers Private Network voice and data services? Online chat or video conference - never miss a beat!

It doesn’t need to be this way

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Using your office technology should be seamless, which is why our award-winning printer range is made with ease-of-use at the heart of its design.


Software that makes your data smarter, richer, and ready to use.


We can turn your data into truly valuable information.

The thing about your company's data - financial or otherwise - is that you usually have plenty of it, but don't have the tools to view it, use it, or manage it. That's where our software team comes in. We can create a seamless workflow that takes a mess of information and turns it into value.


Document management that keeps connectivity at the heart of your business.

Business leaders need visibility, security, and efficiency in the digital revolution - but one element ties it all together - true connectivity. No software offers this visible connection better than M-Files, a revolutionary software that changes the way teams work, communicate and succeed. 


Digital and interactive displays are transforming boardrooms.

For businesses embracing the digital movement, display screens—interactive or otherwise—have become a must-have for boardrooms, huddle rooms, reception areas and more. Our displays are not televisions—they're made for professional use. They're more robust, have higher brightness, and have been built to play for longer periods. If you want the best, start with us.


"We made the decision
to purchase an interactive whiteboard 
recently and it has proven
to be an excellent decision."

What our clients say

We made the decision to purchase an [Sharp] interactive whiteboard recently and it has proven to be an excellent decision. Client presentations are a breeze and a lot more entertaining than having everyone clustered around a small laptop in our boardroom. It has opened up greater interaction with our clients and the ability to make delivering results and reports a lot more hard-hitting.  

- Troy Purcell, Connected Accountants 

Get the ultimate in connectivity with a
4K Prosumer Android TV

True connectivity, with all the apps and functions of a smart TV. 
Made for business use, with 4K UHD and built for longevity.