A Product of Sharp

Inverter Technology

Cook with confidence using Sharp's Inverter technology. This wonderful feature is a great addition to your microwave as it ensures faster cooking, reheating and defrosting times through the controlled delivery of true power levels. What this means is a continuous flow of true power levels will be distributed throughout the entire cooking / reheating / defrosting process, thus reducing problems such as uneven cooking results and the development of hot spots. Inverter microwaves also don't have the need for a bulky and heavy power transformer, as they have a circuit board, so not only does this allow for a much lighter oven, but you'll enjoy more internal space to cook your favourite foods. It's that simple!.

A Product of Sharp

Sensor Technology

Cooking and reheating has been made even easier. Eliminate all the guesswork with Sharp's fantastic Sensor technology. During any auto menu with Sensor technology, what happens is the humidity sensors within the microwave monitor the amount of moisture rising from the food to calculate and determine the reheating and cooking times. Ultimately, Sensor technology calulates the cooking or reheating times and power levels to produce perfect results every time. This saves the stress and worry of figuring out what times and power levels you should be using for some popular menus..

Built-In Weight Scale

The Built-in Weight Scale eliminates the guesswork when defrosting a range of popular menus. This feature can be used similarly to a kitchen scale, measuring weights from 100g-6000g (in 10g increments) by the turntable and the top of the oven cavity. It can also be used in conjunction with the Auto Weight Defrost menus as you can easily weigh out your frozen meat and be provided with the perfect defrost time, which is automatically calculated for your convenience.

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