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Convection Microwave - Stainless - 1100W

This 1100w Midsize Smart Convection Microwave Oven is incredibly versatile. It can be used as a convection oven using the fan-forced convection function, and also features a smart inverter that reduces uneven cooking and hotspots. Additional features include intuitive LED text display, sequence cooking and the ability to program three frequently-used settings for quick meal prep.

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The latest smart inverter technology.

Cook with confidence using Inverter Technology as it ensures faster cooking, reheating and defrosting times through the controlled delivery of true power levels. A continuous flow of power throughout the cooking process will reduce problems such as uneven cooking and the development of hotspots. Inverter microwaves don't have the need for a bulky and heavy power transformer, as they have a circuit board, so not only does this allow for a much lighter oven, but you'll also have more internal space to cook your favourite foods. 

A Product of Sharp

Get all-in-one cooking with "Combi" mode

The Combi feature is one of the most useful assets in this model. You can program cooking sequences that use a combination of microwave, grill and convection cooking modes to achieve perfect results. For example, you could program your oven to microwave defrost some chicken, then continue to use the convection and grill modes to cook, brown and crisp the chicken to perfection… all without removing the dish in between each step!

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True convection grilling

By utilising a top grill (1100W power), this microwave achieves results that wouldn’t be possible in a standard microwave – baking cakes, browning meat, or reheating pizza without them going soggy. Using your microwave as an oven is also great for power saving – you no longer need to heat up a large oven for a quick snack!

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Bake or roast, right on your countertop.

Whether you want to bake a cake or roast a chicken, this additional cooking feature provides more versatility in the kitchen and allows you to cook a variety of delicious meals all in the one appliance. Cooking is easy with the preset temperature settings and the preheat function is great to warm your oven before cooking your dishes. The fan-forced convection heat is circulated around the oven cavity to help cook food evenly and leave you with food which is wonderfully brown and crisp

A Product of Sharp

LED text display

A newly implemented seven-digit LED display provides a user-friendly experience. The display allows for more information to be shown on screen, making it easier to read, understand and interpret functions, cooking menus.

A Product of Sharp

28 Kiwi-focused auto menus

The locally developed menus on this model are fantastic for everyday defrosting, reheating and cooking of New Zealand's most popular dishes, including two reheat menus, eight cook menus, nine bake menus, three melt/soften menus and six defrost menus. 

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Stainless Steel
MWO Power
1001W - 1200W
Power Levels
Convenient Features
Auto Menus
Child Lock
Reheat Menu
Sequence Cook
2 Stage
Easy Defrost
Express Defrost
Time Defrost
Weight Defrost
Inverter Technology
Sensor Technology
Commercial Grade
Trim Kit Option
Optional Accessories
Optional Trimkit
EBR39ST plus EBR89ST
Physical Specification
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm
520 x 315 x 510
Turntable Size (mm)
Weight (kg)

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Warranty Period

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