Air Purifier Accessories


Suits FUW53J Air Purifier

Please consult your dealer for purchase of replacement filters.
HEPA Filter : 1 unit
Washable Active Carbon Filter: 1 unit

To ensure you replace filters approximately 5 years after opening, fill in the usage start date of the filters on the Date Label or complete the details registration online and receive a courtesy reminder of when to replace the filters.
However, depending on the usage environment filters may need more frequently replacing if the product is used in a condition significantly more severe than normal household use.

Disposal of FiltersPlease dispose of replaced filters according to the local disposal laws and regulations.
HEPA Filter materials:

  • Filter: Polypropylene
  • Frame: Polyester

Active Carbon Filter Materials:
  • Deodoriser: Activated charcoal
  • Net : Polypropylene 60%, Polyester 40%

$ 164.00 NZD