Automatically reconcile your account transactions with your existing invoices, credit notes and refunds. Create spend or receive money records.

Match, apply, and create... automatically.

Equals automates the repetitive process of reconciling bank transactions with AR and AP invoices, then seamlessly records the transactions in your accounting system.

Create, Spend or Receive Money Records


Apply Payments to AR and AP Invoices


Allocate Payments


Reconcile Transactions

Account Transactions 


 ✓ AR Invoices

✓ AP Invoices  

✓ Credit Notes 

✓ Receive Money 

✓ Refunds

 ✓ Spend Money

Equals typically automatically matches at least 80% of transactions

Developed specifically for New Zealand business conditions, Equals harnesses sophisticated algorithms to increase your productivity in accounting.

Save lots of time

Automate your payment tracking and reconciliation process and release yourself from repetitive manual work. Eliminate month-end stress, retain more time for chasing overdue payment and other higher-value tasks.

Stay up-to-date

Keep your records up-to-date and tidy with advanced automation capabilities and intuitive design. Enjoy healthier records and business insights.

Cut down errors

Sharply reduce the errors and double-handling that come with manual processing.

Reconcile all transaction types

Equals automates the matching of credit and debit transactions of all types.

Powerful automation

Covers all possibilities

Proven matching functions leave nothing to chance.
Equals slices down, sums up and looks for any combination of amounts to reconcile transactions of any type.  




Here's an example: you issue multiple credit notes for an invoice.

Equals notices them. When you receive payment, Equals matches them correctly. 


Get Productive

Automating transaction reconciliation with Equals releases your accounts staff from routine manual work. The result: fewer month-end panics, more time for getting ahead.


Anywhere, Anytime

Equals is a subscription solution based in the cloud. It’s available anytime and anywhere, requires no special software, and scales effortlessly as your business grows.


Enhanced Security

Equipped with powerful AWS security measures with segregated instances, periodic backups and disaster recovery features.

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