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Commercial Microwave - 1000W - Stainless

Sharp’s light-duty microwave oven R2197J features the long lasting quality and easy maintenance of stainless steel interior and exterior, which resist chipping, scratches and corrosion. Moreover, this cost efficient model has a sturdy grab handle designed to withstand rough handling in a busy professional kitchen. It is a perfect choice for the foodservice industry and self service with its durability and array of convenient features.

Where to buy

  • High Power 1000W and large capacity
    The powerful 1000W microwave output cooks fresh and frozen foods quickly and efficiently and the capacity is perfect for family size meals.
  • Double Quantity Pad for instant cooking action, press the double quantity pad and the desired number pad.
  • Express Defrost Pad - Use Express defrost to defrost meat & poultry faster and better. Enter the desired defrost time, referring to the defrost chart
  • Touch Controls - Computerised touch control panel enables quick, easy and precise set up of desired cooking program
  • 3 Stage Cooking Sequence - Suppose you want to cook for 5 minutes at 70%, followed by 3 minutes at 100%. Press the "Select Time" pad, enter the desired cooking time for the first sequence, press "Select Power", enter the desired cooking time for the second sequence, press start.
  • 11 Power Levels - For more control over the cooking process you can choose from 11 power levels (0 - 100% of the microrwave power)
  • 20 User Programmable Memory - This oven has 20 memory banks which can store cooking programmes (1-10 pre-programmed)
  • Manual Programming Option - Enables easy set up for menus out of the standard scope, which are not programmed in the oven
  • Stainless Steel Durable Design - Highly resistant to stains, durable and easy to maintain and clean
  • Ceramic Shelf
  • Single Stirrer Fan
  • Memory Check
  • Counter Check
  • Custom Settings - Change the Time Constant for Double Quantity - the time constant for double quantity is preset, but you can alter it to suit your needs.
  • Sound Setting - there is a choice of 2 different sounds or no sound to alert you e.g. when cooking cycle is completed.
  • Demonstration Mode
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1000W and under
Programmable Memory
MWO Power
Power Levels
Custom Settings
Sound Setting
Constants Change
Memory Input Method
Volume Setting
Auto Start On/Off
Program Lock On/Off
Air Filter Counter
Stainless Steel Interior
Demo Mode
Cooking Stages
Air Intake Filter Indicator
Repeat Cooking
Counter Check
Memory Check
Express Defrost
Memory Programming
Number of User Programmable Memories
Number of pre-programmable memories
Physical Specification
Weight (Kg)
Min Cabinet Installation Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm
620 x 709 x 424
External Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm
520 x 309 x 424
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm
335 x 200 x 362
Cooking Quantity
Double Quantity
Ceramic Shelf
Stirrer Fan
Service Door
Stacking Option

Business Products Warranty Statement

This Sharp product is warranted against faults in material and manufacture for the period as stated in the table below.

In the event of any defect arising in the equipment during the warranty period, such repairs should only be carried out by the Dealer from which the unit was originally purchased or a Service Centre approved by Sharp to service this type of equipment These repairs would be carried out at no charge to the owner, subject to the conditions specified herein.

This warranty does not extend to defects or injuries caused by or resulting from causes not attributable to faulty parts or the manufacture of the product, including but not limited to, defect or injury caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, lack of maintenance, accidental damage, improper voltage, liquid spillage, vermin infestation, software, or any alterations made to the product which are not authorised by Sharp.

Please retain your sales documentation, as this should be produced to validate a warranty claim. This warranty is in addition to and in no way limits, varies or excludes any implied rights and remedies under any relevant legislation in the country of sale.

This warranty does not cover transportation to and from the Sharp Approved Service Centre. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. The repair of your goods may result in the loss of user generated data, please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair.

Warranty Period

Data Projector
24 months (excluding lamps and air filters)
Copier / Printer
6 months
Electronic Cash Registers
12 months
12 months
Information Display Panel
36 months
POS Terminals
12 months
AL Copier
12 months
12 months
Personal Organiser
12 months

Important Notice: This warranty applies to products sold in New Zealand.