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The recommended humidity level is around 60%. This level of humidity will supress bacteria, mould spores and airborne viruses in the home.

By maintaining this level of humidity asthma and allergy triggers are greatly reduced as humidifying improves the effectiveness and endurance of Plasmacluster Ions.

A Product of Sharp

How Humidifier works

  • Temperature and humidity sensors constantly sense the rooms’ moisture conditions to automatically start and stop humidifying and maintain an optimal degree of humidity.
  • Maintaining a humidity level of around 60% creates an ideal comfortable environment.
  • When the sensor detects the humidity level in the room is dry, the filter will start rotating, picking up water from the tank and release moisture into the air.
  • Once the humidity reaches the desired level the filter is removed from the water and dried by the airflow to prevent mould growth.

Benefits of using a Humidifier

  • Limits virus activity
  • Prevents nose and throat dryness
  • Improves the effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ions by increasing their size and doubling their endurance and air-purifying speed.
  • Together with Plasmacluster ions increases the removal of static electricity by 3.5 times, preventing pollen from circulating in the room and clinging to curtains or clothing.

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Sharp Air Purifier with Humidifier range suits many room types and sizes for all homes and offices.

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