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The Stress-Relieving Magic of Outsourcing for Your Business

Co-authored by Irene Bennetts, CEO and Founder of Admin Army

Running your own business isn’t easy—it’s full of long days and sleepless nights, precious time missed with family, and the pressure to create something successful from a vision.   

Our country’s economy thrives on the can-do attitude of Kiwis carving out their entrepreneurial paths, with small businesses accounting for 26% of New Zealand’s Gross Domestic Product. In fact, 97% of all businesses in Aotearoa are small businesses, with most operating as sole traders. It’s no wonder then, that most small business owners are starting to feel a little burnt out under all this pressure. 

Stressors such as high workloads, long hours and a frankly non-existent work-life balance were once the territory for larger organisations only, but an increasing number of smaller businesses are succumbing to the same fate. For many, these stressors were the reason they went their own way in the first place. The reality is, when you’re running a successful business, there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover the daily operational work, let alone the high-level tasks. 

The lack of people power and more importantly—time, are the leading contributors to stress for small business owners. With our growing understanding of the impact workplace stress can have on our physical and mental well-being, there’s no better time to consider the magic of outsourcing and how it can revolutionise the way you do business. 

So, what’s stopping you?

I’m afraid I’ll lose control of my business

The desire for absolute control is understandable, but it can hinder progress. Irene Bennetts, CEO and Founder of Admin Army, encounters this concern all the time with her clients. The team at Admin Army have met with many nervous small business owners who acknowledge the need for help but are afraid of handing over control. 

Her team counters this by making it a point to get to know every business owner and understand their business inside-out. They also carefully listen to concerns, offer suggestions for improvement, and most importantly, allow for input throughout their dealings together. This instils confidence not only in their abilities but also in the fact that the business owners are still very much in the driver's seat. 

If you find yourself busy with everyday operations there’s no time to focus on building your skills or growing your business. When you outsource, you’re not bringing in a replacement—you’re delegating more onerous parts of the workload to professionals who work alongside you, leaving you to tackle those business-critical tasks.  When you outsource, you're not bringing in a replacement—you're delegating more onerous parts of the workload to professionals who work alongside you, leaving you to tackle those business-critical tasks. 

Can’t I just hire for help when I need it? 

A business’s growing needs aren’t automatically met through new hires. By outsourcing, you receive the exact type of help you need for the task at hand. You can also expect faster turnaround times, less spend in the long-run, and a wider talent pool to choose from. There’s no employment contracts or onboarding processes to contend with and the business professionals available on hand are experts in their field across a variety of industries. 

They also grow alongside your business, and can work with your current staff. Outsourcing enhances your capabilities by providing you with extra capacity to focus on the priorities. 

We’re too small a company to outsource work. 

A common misconception is thinking you’re too small to benefit from outsourcing. The smaller your business, the larger the workload shared among an already stretched team. You and your staff may be more than happy to support the company by wearing multiple hats and doing more than you need to—but is this the best way forward? 

With a leaner team, you’re bound to notice a lack of proficiency in certain areas. Have a close look at your business, take into account the expertise of your team and examine all your current processes. You may identify gaps in your collective knowledge that could be making things unnecessarily arduous—use these issues as a start when engaging with external resources. 

I don’t know which tasks I can outsource

This part is up to you—after identifying your weaknesses and strengths, figure out if it’s bookkeeping, accounting, social media management, or even just finding the time to respond to a myriad of emails that’s stopping you from performing to your fullest potential. 

I’m unsure about the quality of work I’ll receive

The search for the perfect partners to outsource to can be a minefield, with endless options and promises to match. How do you guarantee you’ll receive work that’s up to the standards you hold yourself to? You must do your research and look for a professional team of experts that have an impressive breadth of work, as well as a client base that sings their praises. 

The selection process is crucial, and the team at Admin Army recommend taking your time and making a considered decision based not only on price but on reputation, credibility and alignment with your business’ goals. 

We know that running your own business is never easy—but there are ways to take a little weight off your shoulders and help you realise your full potential. Leaning into the magic of outsourcing affords you the luxury of focusing on what you do best while offloading tasks to a reliable external resource that doesn’t only work for you, but with you. 

If you're ready to experience the magic of outsourcing, get in touch for a process consultation today. 

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