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A Product of Sharp

Hybrid Cooling

Sharp's unique Hybrid Cooling system incorporates two methods of cooling - the aluminium plate at the rear of the refrigerator compartment is cooled to approximately 0 degrees celsius, and chilled air is spread throughout the compartment to keep food fresh. The Hybrid cooling system helps prevent excessive dryness, uneven cooling and over cooling.

A Product of Sharp

Unique Opening mechanism

Sharp refrigerator doors feature a cutting-edge technology called Unique Opening mechanism. This eliminates friction between the doors as no mullion is needed when doors are opened and closed.

Nano Deodoriser

Keeps your refrigerator smelling clean and fresh. The nano-deodoriser traps odour-causing molecules when air passes through the filter to help reduce odours.

Fresh Case

The temperature is lower than other compartments which keep the food (meat, fish, milk product, etc) fresher and avoids odour transferring to other food.

A Product of Sharp

LED Touch Control

Controlling the refrigerator functions is easy with the external glass LED touch control allowing access to select modes for energy saving, express freezing, child lock, vacation mode, temperature-rise indicator and temperature control.

A Product of Sharp

Tempered Glass Shelves

The durable tempered glass shelves are strong enough to support and store large quantities of food. Easy to clean and adjustable for accommodating all storage requirements.

A Product of Sharp

Automatic Ice Maker

With no plumping required, making ice has never been easier. With a touch of a button the automatic ice-maker can make ice for any occasion and offers a choice of four different ice types: crystal clear normal, crystal clear large, normal and large. An extra-large ice cube drawer allows you to keep plenty of ice on hand for your convenience.