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Our Favourite Microwave Recipes That You Can Make in Your Bubble Right Now

If you’re used to only using your microwave to reheat leftovers, we’ve got recipes to take your kitchen’s most underrated appliance for a spin. 

With a steady stream of baking triumphs (and a few fails) in our newsfeeds, our team wanted to add to the trend...but with a twist. 

Before we delve into the good stuff, we should mention that one of these recipes requires a convection microwave, which offers the best of both worlds - the speedy cooking of a microwave, with the browning, crisping and grilling capabilities of a traditional oven. We recommend convection microwaves for anyone flatting, living in small apartments, or anyone that prefers the speed of microwave cooking combined with out-of-the-oven results. You can find our range of convection microwaves here

Onto the recipes!         

The Best Chocolate Self-Saucing Mug Cake (From Just a Mum NZ)

No microwave baking novice should pass on the infamous mug cake. They’re ideal as an easy dessert for one (or two if you’re feeling generous), or a quick midnight snack that requires minimal cleanup. We’ve sourced the best self-saucing chocolate mug cake recipe on the internet for your indulging pleasure. You’re welcome.  

View recipe here

Dark Chocolate Bliss Balls

If you feel like levelling up but still want to play it safe, why not give our chocolate covered bliss balls a go. Take your microwave’s “Melt/Soften” function for a spin when melting the chocolate and marvel at these gram-worthy treats when you’re finished. 

View recipe here

Bread Pudding (from King Arthur Flour) 

The ultimate comfort food that brings most of us a healthy dose of nostalgia; the humble bread pudding. This traditional British classic takes a mere five minutes when cooked in a microwave. 

View recipe here

Healthy ANZAC biscuits in a Sharp convection microwave

If you’re ready to test out a Kiwi classic, try our amazing ANZAC biscuit recipe. Incredibly quick to bake, a lot of flavour and crunch for days. Did we mention we’ve also made it healthier so you can indulge guilt-free?  

View recipe here

Cherry Mimosas 

And finally, after a hard day’s baking, kick your feet up with a cherry mimosa in hand. Yes, you read right. This light, summery twist on the classic cocktail begins its journey in a microwave so there’s no need to stand over the stove and stir away at the cherry mixture. This cocktail can be made with or without alcohol, but if you do decide to indulge in a tipple we’d recommend a crisp Rosé. 

View recipe here