Sharp Refrigerators

Sharp’s innovative range includes French Door and Top Mount fridges designed to create the perfect refrigerator to complement any kitchen using premium material for features and stylish finishes including stainless steel, glass and classic white.

Sharp not only offers stylish design, but also innovation with premium features and unique technologies. These include efficient cooling systems, deodoriser and Plasmacluster Technology meeting every need of freshness and long term storage of food.

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J-TECH Inverter Technology

Sharp’s J-TECH Inverter uses a controlled compressor rotation that has a low-speed 36 step operation in accordance to the usage of the refrigerator.

This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature with less vibration and keeps noise to a minimum level compared to a conventional fridge. Wear and tear on the compressor is reduced for greater durability.

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Glass..a touch of class

Sharp have a large range of sleek glass door refrigerators with French Door and Top Mount styling. Available in Black, White or Silver glass finish, these models are designed with a premium finish and will complement any modern kitchen.

Sharp Patented: Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Sharp's revolutionary 'Plasmacluster' technology purifies indoor air by reducing bacteria and mould spores which is a major cause of the deterioration of food and also reduces odours.

A balance of positive and negative ions are released in the refrigerator , together these create water molecules forming a cluster of ions. The cluster attacks any impurities inside the refrigerator, surrounding and reducing their effects. Thanks to Plasmacluster technology the air interior is clean and preserves foods to stay fresher for longer.

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Sharp’s innovative range uses premium material for its features and stylish finishes including stainless steel, glass and classic white. Premium features and unique technologies include efficient cooling systems, deodoriser, Plasmacluster Ion Technology and J-TECH Inverter, maintaining freshness and long term storage of food.

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