Quattron Pro Technology

AQUOS Quattron Pro with greater precision in colour quality 
delivers unprecedented experience in picture

4 ColourTechnology

4 Colour

Unique Liquid Crystal Panel with 4 Primary Colour Technology

With the addition of yellow display to the trichromatic (red, green, and blue) subpixels for display, 4-Primary Colour Technology enhances the power of colour expression. The glitter gold and the blue of the sea are reproduced in natural vivid images.

2.5x more Sub-Pixel
Than Full HD

Quattron Pro incorporates Sharp’s intelligent sub-pixel-controlling technology which is able to divide the 4-primary-colour sub-pixels (RGBY) into two (up and down), generating 8 sub-pixels per pixel, which are controlled individually. This technology generates 16 million sub-pixels –10 million more than in conventional Full High Definition TVs.
Thanks to Sharp’s exclusive Quattron Pro technology, it is able to display 2.5 times as many sub-pixels for a higher than Full HD resolution, enabling epic levels of detail, clarity and unsurpassed levels of depth and colour.

2.5x more Sub-Pixel<br/>Than Full HD
Extra PixelExtra Brightness

Extra Pixel
Extra Brightness

The Quattron Yellow subpixel allows more light to pass through: it produces a brighter and crisper image.
The Quattron Red/Green/Blue +Yellow subpixel produces brighter, crisper and more vivid picture as well as its unprecedented brilliant colour reproduction.
On top of that, its efficiency in controlling light output makes it possible to lower power consumption.

A range of Quattron Pros

AQUOS Quattron Pro TVs are big, and so are your choices. Sharp offers a wide range of large-screen TVs from 60". So no matter where you are placing your TV—or what you love to watch—you'll find a viewing experience perfect for you.
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A range of Quattron Pros