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THX 4K-Certified Picture Quality
Ensures that every pixel delivers precisely the scene the director intended

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With the latest codec to stream 4K content and connectivity for the latest 4K devices

New SmartCentral™ 3.0
All your content in one place, all the best apps, and mobile connectivity

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Four times the pixel resolution
Four times the "Wow"

When was the last time you said "wow" and really meant it? The AQUOS 4K Ultra HD boasts four times the pixel resolution of Full HD and Revelation™ high resolution technology. The built-in upscaler optimizes virtually any type of content, so everything you watch on this THX 4K-certified AQUOS TV is sharper and more realistic. In a word: Wow.

Four times the pixel resolution<br/>Four times the "Wow"
Brilliant Colours

Brilliant Colours

With SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display, the Sharp AQUOS 4K boasts more color than any AQUOS before it and sets a standard no leading competitor can match. The AQUOS 4K boasts a 21% wider color spectrum* than a conventional LED HDTV and produces more vibrant and diverse color, so each frame is brilliantly recreated as the director intended. With more shades of red and green, you experience more realistic landscapes, lush nature scenes and natural skin tones. 
*Versus conventional LED HDTV


There's Smart
Then There's Sharp Smart

Perfectly easy for your convenience

Sharp LE960X series has smart TV functionality. The menus on the system have been designed to provide easy access to popular online services such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter and web browsing

There's Smart<br/> Then There's Sharp Smart
Not Just Bigger,Bigger Choices.

Not Just Bigger,
Bigger Choices.

AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TVs are big, and so are your choices. Sharp offers a wide range of large-screen TVs that are 60" class (diag.) and larger. So no matter where you place your TV—or what you love to watch—you'll find a viewing experience perfect for you. What's more, Sharp AQUOS gives you 60" and 70" (69.5 diag.) screen size classes to choose from.

Connect with ease

Connect with ease

Put the “Smart” in the palm of your hand. Sharp’s Beam app turns your smartphone into a fully functional content sharer that’s simple and fun to use. Flick photos, videos, movies, and more from your smartphone or tablet to your big screen. With Sharp’s Remote Control app, your remote’s never out of reach. Change the channel right from your iOS® or Android™ smartphone or tablet.
The Largest THX 4K-Certified TV *

The Largest THX 4K-Certified TV *

Experience movies the way the director imagined them. In earning THX 4K certification, the AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV passed more than 400 rigorous tests—confirming it delivers accurate images and pristine video performance in every frame, and ensuring the filmmaker’s vision is recreated perfectly in your home. AQUOS 4K delivers amazing detail, gorgeous depth, and consistent color for the ultimate viewing experience.