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Upgraded to fibre but still not getting the speed?

It may come as a surprise that many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are selling cheap fibre services on over-subscribed networks, resulting in substandard connectivity and performance. In most cases, business customers are an add on to a network built as cheaply as possible for home broadband users. 

Sharp specialises in high speed business networks with priority paths to business critical Cloud application houses such as Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS and Oracle. 

Understanding how the internet actually works is now more important than ever

There is an ever increasing confusion in the market place, especially amongst SMEs, with businesses opting for cheap fibre internet services without realising what they're actually subscribing to. 

What many business owners and technology facilitators don't understand is that fibre internet products are not created equally, despite them having the same name on paper; what businesses are paying for vs. what the minimum regulatory bandwidth requirement is from their Internet Service Provider differs significantly.

Upgrading our internet services with Sharp has meant that our staff have experienced instant improvements in network connectivity (no more complaints of slow speeds!) and productivity.

- Kennelly He, IT Manager at AUT Millennium

AUT Millennium -
10x speed increase at no additional cost  

We have a long-standing relationship with AUT Millennium as a technology integrator and facilitator across photocopier, phone system and internet solutions. We recently leveraged our new technology stack to right-fit their facility with a 10x internet speed upgrade for no additional monthly cost.

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Why we designed our own telco network.

As a key technology partner for many New Zealand businesses, we noticed a pressing need that grew along with the evolution of business Cloud computing. Despite this shift, most businesses weren't subscribing to business-grade fibre circuits and were instead being marketed a no-frills, entry-level service that came with congestion and delayed fault restoration times. 

We took it upon ourselves to design a congestion-free network, with tons of capacity and a bunch of technological smarts that help businesses connect to Cloud applications, fast and reliably. 

Why choose Sharp. 

Sharp is a technology innovator, utilising the latest in telco technologies to deliver an unparalleled internet experience to the New Zealand business market. Our customers are on-boarded by a dedicated project's team, supported by a New Zealand-based customer service team, and supported by dedicated Account Management. 

Low wait times, free support, and fast and secure communications are all part of our standard business offering. What's more, it won't cost you anything up-front and may even be less than what you're currently paying each month on your telco bill.


No more grumpy staff

Free up your time from managing upset staff who can't work efficiently due to slow internet or connectivity issues to to your Cloud applications. We know what's wrong, we'll show you how.


Highly secure 

Have peace-of-mind in knowing that we deliver 'clean internet' to all our business customers. That's right, all our international traffic is scrubbed for DDoS attacks. We take business internet serious.


High speed

 Increase business productivity with faster loading of your Cloud CRM, ERP or shared drives. We're congestion free, we won't rate-limit you and we offer priority routes to all major public Cloud houses.


No upfront cost 

Talk to us about investing your current monthly telco charges into a new and improved internet experience - add our voice solutions and we'll probably save you money! There are no up-front costs.

Frequently asked questions 

How long does it take to switch from my current ISP to Sharp's internet and WAN?

If you already have fibre, we can have you live in less than three working days. If you're still on copper, the fibre upgrade plan typically takes 2 - 6 weeks depending on your business address. We can work with your network administrator in designing a segregated voice and data network that brings you quality and assurance across both technologies.

If you're sick of dealing with multiple suppliers and are looking for a trust-worthy, boutique solution to your business internet and WAN needs, we're here to help. 

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